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Why is the music industry so bad? || Detail Study 2022

Why is the music industry so bad?

Why is the music industry so bad? How would you feel after knowing that your favorite music artist doesn’t earn as much as you think because of dark influence in music industry rather, she/he is being cheated, your favorite music band is overworked and underpaid. Or, how the whole music industry is under the control of mafias and the underworld? Hearing all this you would think should I listen to music or listening to music is a crime? before wearing your headphones.

Shady Ownership Contracts

Taylor Swift Story

Let’s start by discussing shady ownership contracts. In September 2021, after many years, Taylor Swift re-recorded her famous music album ‘fearless’. The reason behind this was that when she was 15 years old a record label signed a 13 years contract with her Whose name was Big Machine Records Label.

music industry, music, music artist, record label, Taylor Swift

And when this contract was about to expire then Scooter Braun, who is the manager of Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande Became the owner of this label. Taylor Swift was already fighting legally for her Music before this deal. She only wanted to get the legal rights of her music.
And when this manager became the owner of this record label Then Taylor Swift thought now she won’t be able to get those rights but this album won’t run anymore as this manager also manages my competitor singers.

Kanye West Story

In September 2020, Kanye West who is a well-known musician and singer tweeted a picture of him peeing on his grammy award which can be considered as the oscar award of music, And also wrote that the music industry of today is worthless. Apart from this, there is a record label and music group Roc-a-fella. With which Kanye West has signed many contracts.

music industry, music, music artist, record label, Kanye West

A lot of contracts between Kanye West and this music group were made public by Kanye West. After this, he said that the music industry is working now as slavery where these music labels sign masters with the musicians.

Masters means your music is in full control of Record Label — Where it can be played? How will it be played? When it will be played? How it cannot be played? And with all this, the amount of money made, all these are controlled by the record label And the artist is paid a minimal fee.
Which Kanye West thinks is not right. All this was related to Kanye West and Taylor Swift. When big music artists like them are not happy, then smaller music artists who are not much popular as of now Imagine the condition of those smaller artists.

Record Label Monopoly

One can ask if the music artists are in so much trouble, then don’t sign contracts with the record labels. A Very Good question.
This brings us to point number 2 Record label Monopoly. The music industry worldwide has a worth of USD 15 Billion, And 3 music industry or groups which are Sony, Warner, and Universal has 89% of the share.

So, where would you go? You would be signed directly by them or you would be signed by any other record label which can be partially owned by one or more of these 3 big music industry labels. And if you don’t sign a contract with any record label and decide to remain independent, One can think of registering on Spotify, Your luck won’t save you.

Because you can go on Spotify, But how would you get the streams? How would you get included in the most popular playlist on Spotify? Because all this is managed by music record labels in the back-end. And listing your music yourselves and getting the streams independently has a chance of 1 out of a million. This only happens with some people, And this happening with everybody is impossible.

music industry, music, music artist, record label,

Mafia and Music Industry

If we are discussing business, then let’s also discuss money.
Point Number 3, Who controls these record labels? I found a very interesting, article In which details of mafias involved behind international record label was given. Showing which Mafia was involved with the music industry, Where and how?

The dark side of the music industry in India

And if we look in India, Then T-Series is a very big name. The death of its founder was also connected with the underworld. When Sanjay Dutt was arrested then The involvement of the underworld in Bollywood Was openly in front of the public. After this, you must have seen pictures of the celebration of Dawood Ibrahim and various Bollywood celebrities.

Apart from this, how the money of the underworld was invested in the movies and songs? You must have read all this somewhere. Who would act in a particular movie? Whose song will be played where? Which singers would not get more opportunities? All these things are also decided. Like this Sonu Nigam and Arijit Singh are good examples of all this, Despite being good singers, they stopped getting opportunities suddenly. They even gave hints of suffering pressure from somewhere.

So, some people control Bollywood, And how underworld is connected with them? And how underworld controls the music industry? If you research a little bit on this then you would be able to connect all these cases. We looked at the USA, mentioned Kanye West and Taylor Swift. We looked at India mentioning Bollywood. Now let’s have a look at South Korea.

Issues with K-Pop Industry

Let’s look at the K- Pop industry, here Black Pink and BTS are very popular. Everybody has heard about them. But the K- Pop industry is bigger, than this And is regularly growing. Here record labels run a competition in which they introduce children of 15-16 years of age. This selection process is very tough. Out of 700 candidates, only 1 is selected, And what happens with the selected candidate can shock you.

music industry, music, music artist, record label, BTS

Training of K-Pop music artist

These children are not allowed to indulge in any relationship whether they get 20, 25, or 30 years old. By the time they are part of any Band, they can’t indulge in any romantic relationship with any person. They are provided only 8 cups of food In which grains, vegetables, fruits, etc everything is included for one day.
And they have to do exercises in a gym daily and practice afterward.

Here artists say they don’t get time to eat after doing practice, gymming, and sleeping. And they have to eat with restrictions, and many times these artists get fainted while practicing. Many times they get fainted while performing on stage, As they are overworked. So, this is called Waah! See that’s how much they wanted, That’s how motivated they are.

This means this culture is promoted even after all this, Which is very problematic? That’s why incidents of suicide, sexual harassment, and mental health are very common in the k-pop industry. And incidents of mental health and suicides are not only limited to the k-pop industry. So, let’s come to point number 4.

Mental Health Issues.

If we look at the music industry worldwide When the artists go on the stage and perform Then you must have heard that they have many alcoholic issues. Especially with the artists who play EDM music And the artists in the rock bands have this permanent issue. And that’s why you would observe that these artists are very popular, renowned, write many songs And shoot themselves at an age of 22. Or indulge in suicides. Recently, you must have heard about Avicii, who has suicide. But before him, Justin Wellington and many others Who have died because of overdose or suicide. Read more about Mental health on wiki.

music industry, music, music artist, record label, mental health

A study of 2016 shows that 73% of the artists are suffering from depression, And 12% have suicidal thoughts. How strange it sounds that the music which makes you pumped, The artist behind it may be troubled with the suicidal thoughts.

And the music artist which you feel is very popular, Record label controls the major part of his income. And the band, which you like the most Has restrictions on their personal lives that they can’t indulge in any romantic relationship. Which is very very dark to think of it.
And when I came to know about all this then I was very shocked, And I thought of sharing all this with you If you like this Article then share it with others.

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