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Top 10 Online Psychology Degrees || Which are the best?

One of the Best Online Psychology degree Programs in the U.S.

Are you interested in an online psychology degree program? So say you are empathetic and want to make a difference in many people’s lives then you are suited for an online psychology degree.

The human mind and behavior are what you are exposed to when you take up a psychology degree, but if you want it to be online that is also available. This article will only be interesting for those who are actually interested in an online degree in educational psychology.

We will explore the top 10 best online psychology degree programs that are based in the US, but you can apply to them from anywhere in the world.

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Top 10 best online psychology degree Colleges

Number 10

Trine University – Fort Wayne

Visit the college website –  Trine University

The first good news is that trine’s online psychology degree programs come with an optional criminal justice double major. You will be required to do a clinical internship and a capstone demonstration. The program doesn’t have a strict concentration so that students can select their own electives. There are career service advisors ready to assist students with building an online brand preparing for interviews and applying for graduate school.The success rate of this office is estimated at 99% within six months of earning the degree. The school accepts high school transcripts GED scores and transfer credit. 

Tuition Fees: Trine awards credits for military training, if you are active-duty military personnel you receive a 40 tuition discount which means $399 per credit for civilians and $250 per credit for the military. The credit requirement is 120. Trine University also offers an online psychology degree masters program.

Number 9

The University of Utah – Salt Lake City.

Visit the college website –  The University of Utah

In the youth online psychology degree programs, you will select electives covering cognitive clinical social, and developmental psychology. There is an optional honors program for students who maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher, that opportunity lands you in general education. The career and professional development center provide an alumni network, resume, critique, and internship opportunities. The University of Utah offers one of the best online degree for psychology available.

Tuition Fees: The website says that students who use this channel enjoyed an average of forty thousand eight hundred and two dollars($40,802) salary after graduation. The applications are open for the spring-summer and fall semesters. You could apply with a minimum of 2.35 GPA or a GED score. There is a February first deadline for all institutional financial aid, the aid will be for your 122 credit hours valued at $260 per credit.

Number 8

The Baptist College of Florida – Graceville.

Visit the college website –  The Baptist College of Florida

The BCF online psychology degree program offers the finest psychology coursework with Christian doctrines. Those studies in the field could include social psychology, Christian worldview, and marriage and family psychology.

For your final year, you will do a directed research project in these fields. You can access the virtual writing center and the collegiate ministry for resources. Apart from the standardized test scores that are required, you will need a pastoral recommendation. They do not have a GPA cut-off point or GED score requirement, you can access financial aid if you apply for it at least 45 days before you enroll. The Baptist College of Florida – Graceville also provides an online psychology degree masters.

Tuition Fees: Private school rules may be much different and more religious than public schools. Tuition costs $360 per credit with 120 credit requirements over four years. The bachelor of arts in the online psychology degree program at BCF is one of the most popular among Christian students. 

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Number 7

Eastern Washington University – Cheney

Visit the college website –  Eastern Washington University 

The EWU is a center for a complex educational structure in online psychology degree programs. The Online psychology degree course is for those with an interest in substance disorders. Once you have signed up for this course you will also get supplementary knowledge on HIV aids treatment and group counseling. In your final year, you will get to do a two-part practicum.

The career center offers handshake software for job hunting and salary negotiation guidance. When you are undergoing a career change you can get special help as an alumnus after many years of graduating. The high school GPA should be 3.0 or higher or a passing GED score will suffice. Eastern Washington University is the best online degree for psychology.

Tuition Fees: For transfers, up to 90 credits are accepted, for scholarships new students should apply before February 1st. The 120 credits cost $218 per credit for in-state and $802 for out-of-state. The program is for four years.

Number 6

University of Houston – Houston

Visit the college website –  University of Houston

The online psychology degree bachelor’s program at Houston features works in the psychology of personality, physical science, cognitive psychology, and life as its coursework.

The electives offered are in psychology and education. This opportunity aids in the customization of the program, since all the psychology education courses are not online you could offer a hybrid course if you choose those. While studying at UH, you will get job-hunting guides to resume critiques and mock interview resources for 30 days after graduation.

UH is attractive for those with an associate degree because it accepts up to 90 credits. If you are transferring transcripts you need to have a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

Tuition Fees: There are many scholarship opportunities some being full tuition for online learners. In-state already has a fifty percent advantage in tuition. Tuition is $339 per credit but eight $887 per credit if you are out of state. 

Number 5

University of Illinois Springfield – Springfield

Visit the college website –  University of Illinois Springfield 

The online psychology degree programs offered are highly traditional and allow for custom concentration points. You will spend time in class analyzing research methods, statistics, and psychology measurements for five major course plans.

The best part of the UIS bachelor in online psychology degree is the final year options. You can choose between an internship, a senior seminar, or an independent study project. The success rate of the program is 90%. The University of Illinois Springfield is one of the best online degree for psychology. 

The students either get into employment immediately or enter a master’s program. Thanks to the career office’s resume critiques, career advice videos, and career and internship research. The programs require at least 30 transferable credits or an associate degree, and there are three exclusive scholarships for online programs.

Tuition Fees: The program costs $305 credit for both in and out of state, since it is a complete two-year program the credits could be as low as 36. 

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Number 4

Arizona State University – Skysong 

Visit the college website –  Arizona State University

ASU, as we know offers four online bachelor in online psychology degree programs. The students who apply for each go through a general curriculum with a boosted fast track major in forensic psychology.

The courses are run at an accelerated pace and degree students must study rigorously. The lowest score you must earn to stay in good standing on the course is an AC grade. The school ensures that all its students get informative articles on employment, career interest inventory, and connect on networking sites. This strategy sees 90 percent of the students employed within the first 3 months of their graduation. Arizona State University also provides an online psychology degree masters, which is one of the Top 10 best online psychology degree programs available.

If you are applying straight from high school, your transcripts should show an average of 3.0 GPA. For alternatives, you should have a high GED score. There are hundreds of scholarship opportunities featured on the school’s website for students to enjoy.

Tuition Fees: The 120 credits could be completed in two and a half years or four years. And the fees are $11,350 per semester in-state and $13,360 out of state.

Number 3

Florida International University – Miami 

Visit the college website –  Florida International University

The second of four Florida public universities offering online psychology degree programs. It shows how the state of Florida controls the online psychology field. And they occupy the top three best according to the best colleges compilation. The program has a broad curriculum for students to experience many psychology topics. The course has an introduction to statistics in human biology as required coursework. There are five specialized electives in online psychology degree to choose a major from.

The department’s career office hosts virtual career events, offers career guidance, and connects students to internship opportunities. That is why one-third of their students receive employment before graduation. If you are transferring you will take a test by the school if you lack 60 transferable credits. For high school leavers, transcripts or GED scores become your admission requirement.

Tuition Fees: The financial opportunities are always advertised on the school’s website. The credits required are 120 and they each cost $223 in state and $346 out of state. It is a four-year program.

Number 2

University of Central Florida – Orlando 

Visit the college website –  University of Central Florida

Once you maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, you are assured of earning your degree in two years. The UCF has probably the most customized program on the list, which focuses on concentration points for the educational experience.

The available concentrations include clinical psychology, industrial or organizational psychology, neuroscience experimental psychology, and general psychology. There are extra career services like practice interviews, resume critiques, and job search software for students. That way 50% of their students gain employment before graduating. The University of Central Florida also offers an online psychology degree masters, which is one of the Top 10 best online psychology degree programs accessible. The school opens its applications three times a year. If you are a transfer student, you will need an associate’s degree to apply. Many institutional scholarships could benefit many students as well.

Tuition Fees: The tuition is $179 per credit in-state and $716 per credit out of state, the required credits are 120.

Number 1

University of Florida – Gainesville

Visit the college website –  University of Florida

At the University of Florida, you will undertake a 120-credit curriculum with appropriate coursework. The courses include laboratory methods, comparative psychology, and principles of behavioral psychology. It is estimated that 75% of online degree students have part-time and full-time employment within the first year. University of Florida – Gainesville is one of the best online degree for psychology. The University of Florida has a GPA cut-off point of 2.0 for high school students and 2.75 for transfer students. They also admit students who have passed their GED.

The school has many scholarships and one of them is the presidential scholarship. It awards between five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars in scholarships per year to students who live in Florida. The University of Florida also offers an online psychology degree masters, which is one of the Top 10 best online psychology degree programs accessible.

Tuition Fees: The tuition cost is $129 per credit if you are within the state and $553 per credit if you are applying from out of state. As all bachelor of arts in online psychology degree goes, it’s a four-year program.

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Conclusion: Benefits of Online Psychology

Taking an online degree program means saving money on transferring to the university, accommodation, and adjusting your lifestyle. There are no primary differences between an online degree and an in-person degree. It is not written on your certificate that you took the course online, also if you pursued online psychology degree programs, you could take up employment as a therapist or psychiatrist. That is not all online psychology degree graduates can also pursue careers in business and management.

What is your reason for choosing a degree program in psychology, are you optimistic that you can earn the degree full-time online with no distractions? Which is one of the best online degree for psychology according to you? You can tell us your ambitions after securing an online psychology degree.

Please let us know your answers to all these questions in the comments section. If you enjoyed this blog, don’t forget to comment. Please leave a comment if you appreciated this article. Rapidmantra is the website’s name for more fascinating psychology topics.

Thanks for Reading our Blog on the Top 10 best online psychology degree programs. 

Have a great day!

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