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Top 10 Indian Horror Movies || Which are the Best ?

Welcome to Rapidmantra, and today we are counting down our picks for the “Top 10 Indian Horror Movies.” If you’re looking for the finest Horror movies, look no further, we have Top 10 Indian horror movies.

You should certainly, read and You should definitely check out our picks for the best of the decade. We hope the following rating is helpful to you. Please let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section. And make sure to visit our website from time to time, to never miss a good movie again.

So our list of Top 10 Indian Horror Movies is 🙂

Number 10

Demonte colony (2015)

R Ajay Gnanamuthu wrote and directed the Indian horror movie Demonte colony (2015).
Four buddies were trapped due to rain after a night of drinking.

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When one of them recommends doing something exciting, an aspiring director suggests they visit a decrepit home in Demonte Colony that is said to be haunted. Against their better judgment, the other two reluctantly go along with the suggestion. They only discover they’ve all fallen into a trap later when it’s too late.

Number 9

The House Next door(2017)

The House Next door(2017) is an Indian horror movie directed by Milind Rau.
This is the story of a brain surgeon and his wife, who reside in a lovely mansion among the mountains and live in peace. Their idyllic existence together is shattered when a family comes in next door.

The two families get along well despite the fact that the elder daughter develops a harmless crush on the charming doctor. When strange paranormal activity engulfs the neighbors and takes a deadly turn as they are drawn into a terrible plan with roots stretching back into the past, all the camaraderie takes a backseat!

Number 8

Maya 2018

Maya 2018 is a neo-noir Indian horror movie written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan.
‘Maya’ depicts the life of a single mother struggling to make ends meet by acting in commercials.

She shares a home with a buddy while simultaneously seeking acting roles in films. Meanwhile, she had avoided a loan shark for more than a week due to a missing payment. Despondent about her circumstances, she accepts the director of a new horror movie challenge to watch it alone in a theatre late at night. Despite the fact that a distributor died unexpectedly after attempting to do the same, she accepts!

Number 7

Stree (2018)

Stree (2018) is a comedy Indian horror movie directed by debutant Amar Kaushik.
This film is set in a remote village in India, where the ghost of an angry lady huntsman for four days during a festival.

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When males are alone, this ghost, simply known as “Stree,” cries out for them and abducts them, leaving their clothing behind. When a local tailor falls in love with a mysterious young woman who claims to only visit town four times a year, his friends get concerned that he may be falling in love with “Stree” herself.

Number 6

Bulbbul (2020)

Bulbbul (2020) is a supernatural thriller Indian horror movie, written and directed by Anvita Dutt.
Set in the late 19th century, this film follows the story of a child bride named Bulbbul who is married off to a man much older than she is.

Bulbbul, now an adult, is abandoned by her husband, who is now the dominant figure in the family hamlet, twenty years later. Bulbbul’s brother-in-law, whom she always had soft spot for, returns home after a long absence, only to realize that there are mysterious deaths happening in the village that are attributed to a witch.

Number 5

Lapachhapi (2017)

Lapachhapi (2017) is an Indian horror movie directed by Vishal Furia.
Lapachhapi follows a young married couple who are compelled to spend a few days in a rural village far from home due to circumstances.

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The eight-month-pregnant wife is hesitant to take refuge because she detects a foul odor in and around the secluded house nestled among the sugarcane fields. The mystery surrounding the home unravels over the following several days and inexplicable weirdness that presents harm to her unborn child.

Number 4

13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009)

13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009) is an Indian horror movie Produced by Suresh Balaji and George Pius.
At his recently acquired flat, a guy witnesses a strange occurrence: a soap opera being aired only on his TV, which depicts his family’s future. As the serial progress, he begins to fear that the same thing may happen to his family.

Number 3

Pisaasu (2014)

Pisaasu (2014) is an Indian horror movie written and directed by Mysskin.
A violinist sees a hit-and-run accident in which a young girl is seriously hurt.

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He rushes her to the hospital after rescuing her. In the hospital, however, the child draws her last breath while holding his hands. Soon after, he discovers that the girl’s spirit is haunting his home. What is her purpose in being here? What is it that she desires? The plot revolves around the answers to these questions.

Number 2

Pizza (2012)

Pizza (2012) is an Indian horror movie written and directed by debutant Karthik Subbaraj.
The story of a pizza delivery boy and his girlfriend is told in this film. He is presented with a dilemma when she informs him that she is pregnant. They plan to marry and put money aside for a huge celebration later. But one day, while making a regular delivery, he comes upon something strange that alters his life forever.

The Number one horror movie in this list of Top 10 Indian Horror Movies is Tumbbad.

Number 1

Tumbbad (2018)

Watch on prime video — Tumbbad (2018)

Tumbbad (2018) is an Indian horror movie directed by Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, Adesh Prasad.
The film opens in a village named Tumbbad, where a widowed woman lives with her two boys in the early twentieth century. She looks after a strange elderly woman who is the guardian of a family heirloom that the older kid is infatuated with.

Because the wealth is cursed, his mother prohibits him from even mentioning it. The family is forced to leave the hamlet and relocate to the city due to a catastrophe. The mother forces the son to swear that he would never return to Tumbbad. But, after 15 years, his desire for wealth drives him back to the town, where his life takes an unexpected turn.

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