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Top 10 Helpdesk software || Which one is the Best ?

Different helpdesk software are available right now in the market, and actually, they are quite useful for different companies. 

It is a very tough job to do the help desk-related work manually for the employees and that is why the usage of the best helpdesk software has increased in all these years.

Moreover, companies are starting to launch this type of helpdesk software for better operational work for a particular company.

If you are also having a small or large business, then you should opt for the best help desk software.

But before that, you should understand all the different items available in the market, and we are here to help you with that.

helpdesk software, help desk software, best helpdesk software, best help desk software, top 10 helpdesk software

Top 10 helpdesk software

Number 1


FreshDesk is one of the best Helpdesk software which is quite comprehensive and that’s why it is used by so many business entities these days. 

  • It is also having a scalable architecture that can be expanded as per the business site.
  • That is the main reason why all the business sizes can go for this best help desk software available in the market.
  • There are separate plans available for different business types which are freelancers, small business entities, and big enterprises.
  • At first, you can go for the free trial, and then you can choose the plan as per your requirement. 
  • This is the best helpdesk application that also launched a very good mobile app and the user interface is very clean as well.
  • You will be able to do different works like ticket management, social media integration, tracking the performance of your agents, decluttering your messages, and analyzing the business process through the software.

Learn more about Freshdesk

Number 2


This is flexible best help desk software and ticket management is much easier than before in this software. 

  • It also has multi-channel support and an advanced-level reporting facility. 
  • You can use analytics to monitor the operational efficiency of your company.
  • It can host different communities which will enhance the effectiveness of the self-service portal. 
  • This portal is kind of an open forum where the customers can discuss their issues to get solved.
  • The whole process is automated and they have also started their mobile support system which is a very good way to connect with the whole working system all the time.

Learn more about Zendesk

Number 3


This is one of the premium design best helpdesk software made by Freshworks and is mostly used for the whole problem management system in a company.

  • It is scalable and that is why you can use it for a small company as well as a large enterprise.
  • If you use this best help desk software, then you will understand that it is a very robust way to manage different service requests from the information technology department.
  • You can go for a free trial of this software and then you are free to decide which plan will be perfect for you.
  • Moreover, it has a unique risk detection system where a specific algorithm works to analyze records and do forecasting to detect the risk. 
  • The interface of this help desk software is just like an e-commerce platform and that is why it is quite user-friendly.

Learn more about Freshworks

Number 4

Salesforce service 

Recently, Salesforce Cloud software has gained a certain popularity in the market because of its high scalability. All types of business users can use this helpdesk software as their major help desk portal.

  • The unique selling point of this product is it can unify different data from the customers to give a complete 360-degree view of the details of the customer.
  • The unique interface of this cloud service is quite neat and clean and that is why it saves a lot of time. 
  • You could also retrieve the data very easily and automate the whole process with efficient tools to avoid recurring tasks. 
  • If you want an intelligent routing for a specific type of task then this help desk software is the best choice for you.
  • There are different plans available for the salesforce service cloud and you can choose any of them as per your need.

Learn more about Salesforce 

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Number 5


This is one of the best helpdesk software which is treated as a top-notch solution if you want a multi-channel support system for your company. 

  • It can bring together a lot of facilities like live chat service, social media integration, and email management. 
  • You will get an efficient collaboration space in this one of the best help desk software because of its web-embedded forms.
  • If you want all of your tickets in a single space then this software is the best choice for you because it can consolidate all the tickets in a single place so that you can get access to them easily. 
  • You can customize your workflow in this software as per your requirement and that is a must-have feature these days in all the helpdesk software available.
  • So if you want the best help desk software to manage everything easily, then you can go for this one.

Learn more about Liveagent

Number 6

Proprofs Help Desk

It is a helpdesk software which can close your tickets much faster than any other software available in the market. 

  • It can achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through its cloud-based tool which can be accessed from anywhere anytime. 
  • Recently a study has shown that this help desk software can reduce the tickets by almost 80 percent which is a great number to achieve.
  • It can track your metrics and measure the customer satisfaction level to ensure that the best quality service is given. 
  • By using this helpdesk software you could also arrange agent training which will be beneficial for your operational work.
  • The user interface of the help desk software is very impressive and the best part of the interface is that you can create different notes and labels to enhance the collaboration facility.

Learn more about Proprofs Help Desk

helpdesk software, help desk software, best helpdesk software, best help desk software, top 10 helpdesk software

Number 7

Zoho Desk 

This is one of the best helpdesk software that is mostly famous for its unique facilities to increase the productivity of the agents.

  • It can generate different reports automatically which can help the employees to a great extent.
  • If you want to monitor the performance of your agent efficiently then you can definitely use the data-driven decision algorithm of the help desk software, it can give you an accurate result.
  • This helpdesk software has the facilities like improved customer relationship management integration of different social media platforms, a life support system, and also a huge knowledge base for the customers so that they can find different solutions on their own.
  • So we always recommend this one of the best help desk software to all the business entities out there, who want to track everything systematically.

Learn more about Zoho Desk

Number 8

Connectwise control

It is helpdesk software that can give you a very quick solution for different types of operational problems.

  • It can also generate much-secured access to the devices of your clients and generate solutions.
  • So if you want to ensure the highest level of security for your client’s data then this software can work magically.
  • It is a personalized interface where you can customize the dashboard as per your requirement.
  • The best part of this helpdesk software is it is compatible with almost all types of major browsers and operating systems because of this cross-platform compatibility, the software is largely accepted in the business world.
  • So if you also want the help desk software to work on different devices then you can definitely go for this.

Learn more about Connectwise control

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Number 9


It is helpdesk software that is robust and can generate an intuitive solution for its services.

  • If you want your problems to get solved in a centralized location with some effective remote monitoring management tools then you can choose this helpdesk software as your help desk portal.
  • It is easy to use and quite popular in the market because of its versatility.
  • Another important feature of this best help desk software is all the tickets can be synchronized between different customer portals and user interfaces which is why the company employees can have the access to the tickets from anywhere.
  • You can also get this helpdesk software at a very reasonable price and that is why a lot of business owners are referring to this over much of the software available in the market right now.

Learn more about Atera

Number 10

Hubspot Service Hub

It is mostly used by medium-size or small business entities because the scalability is a little bit low in the software.

  • You can have the facility of completely free live chat here along with some other key features like easy ticketing conversational bots, shared inbox, NPS survey, meeting scheduling, and different customer relationship management tools.
  • It can give you a personalized response as per the ticket category and type. 
  • If you are looking for helpdesk software that is not on a very large scale then this one is a great choice for you.

Learn more about Hubspot Service Hub

helpdesk software, help desk software, best helpdesk software, best help desk software, top 10 helpdesk software

What are your thoughts? Outro

So, these are some of the most well-known best helpdesk software programs on the market right now. Tell us in the comment section which one is your favorite help desk software out of the Top 10 helpdesk software available in the market.

There are many other features in the software that you should review before purchasing the final version for your business, but it is always important to know all the details before making a decision on the best helpdesk software like this, and we hope that this information will help you in any regard.

Thanks for reading our blog on Top 10 helpdesk software.

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