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Top 10 CRM Software || Which is the Best ?

In this blog, we will cover the top 10 CRM software best solutions available in the market. What is CRM in software? Why is CRM software important? Here is my list of the top 10 CRM software best out there in the market. 

What is CRM in software? 

It stands for customer relationship management. It’s a technology that helps you keep track of everything about your customers and your potential customers so you can build great relationships with them.

CRM software, CRM software best, CRM in software, customer relationship management, Top 10 CRM software

CRM software used to be all about sales, but not anymore. CRM is for every department: sales but also marketing service, commerce, and IT too. A Great CRM in softwares helps you do amazing things. 

CRM centralizes all-important customer and company data in one place so all team members have a shared view of information and actionable analytics that help them deliver the easily connected experiences their customers expect.

The right customer relationship management software helps businesses focus on customers and unites every team with one shared goal: Make every customer happy. 

Why is CRM software important?

It has become extremely important for a business to keep track of their customers’ behaviors because taking care of your customers has become a major area of concern. The happier customers are, the more products and services they will buy. To achieve this purpose, most businesses rely on Excel spreadsheets to track sales, and customer data, and to create reports. 

But the problem with this approach is that your important data gets scattered across various people, spreadsheets, and systems, which makes it complicated to use the information and collaborate on sales. And this is where CRM software helps you. 

CRM software, CRM software best, CRM in software, customer relationship management, Top 10 CRM software

customer relationship management software best entails every aspect of interaction a company ever had with its customers. It gathers data into a centralized form, giving everyone in your business access to all the information they need from a single platform. It manages your contacts and helps in communicating with your potential buyers and customers. 

In addition to this, CRM software best allows teams to automate various tasks that increase sales and revenue. Now that you know why it is worth spending a few bucks on software, let’s see which CRM tool is the best option. Keep in mind that we will cover our picks in descending order, so read this article till the end to see which CRM software is our Number 1 Pick out of the Top 10 CRM software best of 2022. 

Top 10 CRM Software best of 2022

Number 10

HubSpot CRM 

HubSpot CRM software is an integrated sales and marketing suite that is designed for small-medium and large-sized businesses.

  • HubSpot CRM in software is a cloud-based contact management platform that integrates with other HubSpot sales applications such as sales and marketing pro.
  • HubSpot is a reputable marketing platform that has helped many companies to turn their marketing efforts into a success.

Learn more about HubSpot CRM 

Number 9


Pipedrive CRM software is an online customer relationship management software that will help primarily sales teams to organize their leads and maximize their sales.

  • Pipedrive has a really really nice visual interface that gives you a quick overview of your pipeline.
  • Now with this software, you can track all your deals from initial contact to closed sales.
  • It has a highly visual layout that uses the kanban board to help organize and visualize your sales process.
  • They have features such as lead capture, actively active timelines, and more. 
  • It’s a very easy software to use and to stay on top of your business.

Learn more about Pipedrive CRM

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Number 8

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM in software is an extendable platform that combines traditional customer relationship management capabilities with innovative CRM capabilities that will provide a complete system of solutions.

  • You can also assist with marketing, affiliate marketing, management, and salesforce automation.
  • NetSuite has recently also added a feature that allows them to be more competitive when it comes to CRM.
  • The integration of these features allows NetSuite to be consistently topless when it comes to CRM software best and with NetSuite, you have customer contact information and communication history.
  • NetSuite has marketing campaign management as well which you can use to create and modify marketing campaigns this can also be done with fully-featured partner management and a sales forecasting capability. 

Learn more about NetSuite CRM

Number 7

Salesforce CRM software

Salesforce CRM is the software of choice for many small businesses who need a tool to run their business from their desktops. This software allows small businesses to track leads you can also set up automatic follow-ups and much more.

  • When integrated with other sales apps, and salesforce apps this customer relationship management software best delivers really good sales for salesforce and marketing automation also it has sales analytics and cloud storage capabilities.
  • Salesforce is definitely a market leader in the CRM field and has been for many years.
  • They have developed a revolutionary product called salesforce CRM software that helps marketers salespeople, and other business professionals create data-driven processes and find new leads.
  • If you’re looking for a system to increase your sales and find new leads that can scale to a large-scale project then salesforce CRM program could be the right tool for your business.

Learn more about Salesforce CRM

CRM software, CRM software best, CRM in software, customer relationship management, Top 10 CRM software

Number 6 CRM software is a comprehensive business solution that can be used by different teams with different functions this is because it’s highly customizable for almost any purpose.

  • The company states that its software is capable of managing complex operations, streamlining the communication process, and increasing accuracy and productivity.
  • This CRM in software platform helps small to medium-sized businesses to manage their customer data and interactions more easily.
  • With their cloud-based platform, you can create, edit, and organize customer records.
  • You also have the option to manage your sales teams as well.

Learn more about

Number 5

Creatio CRM software

Creatio CRM is a software solution that helps companies to generate leads, close leads, grow revenue, and delight their customers with many many different options.

  • This platform provides tools for monitoring the conversions of leads into customers.
  • It is a complete CRM software best system through three modules namely the marketing, creation ratio, sales ratio, and service ratio.
  • You can use these modules separately or together for seamless integration.
  • The software provides a 360-degree view of your customer’s history preferences and habits so that you can build better marketing strategies personalized to them.
  • You can store this information in one place and use it to provide relevant marketing solutions.

Learn more about Creatio CRM

Number 4


Freshsales is a kind of platform that provides a really good experience for its users, it’s comprehensive for people who want to have a small easy-to-use CRM software best solution.

  • With Freshsales, your sales cycle can be streamlined and automated with ease so you can send messages to leads streamline processes, and nurture them as they progress through the sales funnel.
  • Contact management solutions have never been as convenient and scalable as they are today, so the artificial intelligence part of this software has a keystone of providing productivity and response times while increasing client satisfaction.
  • With Freshsales, you have access to a wide range of features designed by a team of expert sales leaders who can help you to grow your business.

Learn more about Freshsales CRM

Okay, now we’ve come to my top three of the Top 10 CRM software best solutions for customer relationship management software for small to medium-sized businesses.

Number 3

Salesflare CRM

Small businesses really love Salesflare because it can help them to get back to what they do best and focus on growing their business. It’s an amazing tool set with all-around helpful tools in the software.

  • You don’t have to worry about entering manual data all the time.
  • Salesflare is a sales management tool that will help your salespeople to find manage and track leads.
  • It also fills out your address book and keeps track of all the interactions with the people you’re in contact with.
  • It’s a very easy-to-use quality content software that will really help your salespeople.
  • Salesflare is one of the world’s leading sales intelligence platforms, it helps brands to gain leads through its sales funnel which combines social media and marketing automation.

Learn more about Salesflare CRM

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Number 2

Streak CRM software

Streak is the perfect productivity app for the Google ecosystem. With this powerful tool, you’ll be able to stay on top of your email box and keep track of your tasks and prospects.

  • It offers several features that will help you to achieve your goals such as live collaboration, instant messaging, project management, task tracking, reminders, and a lot more features.
  • Gmail is the email platform with the largest reach used by many many different companies.
  • Streak CRM software will help you to automate the workflow and save time so that your teams can get things done without wasting time on tedious tasks like updating spreadsheets and sending emails and so on.
  • With Streak, you can assign any activity related to workflow to anyone in the organization with custom-defined rules for each task.

Learn more about Streak CRM

Number 1

Keap CRM software

Keap CRM is a customer relationship management tool that makes it easy to collect more leads and convert them to clients. With this tool, small to medium-sized businesses can collect email addresses, contact information, and more with no effort at all.

  • It also provides an easy way to screen customers and automatically generate follow-up emails.
  • Keap CRM software makes it very easy for these kinds of businesses to manage their CRM.
  • It’s designed to be easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that will make you feel comfortable very very quickly when you’re using this software.
  • They also have reporting tools that are there to help you with the growing data overload that has been somewhat of a problem with so much information coming into businesses.
  • They have a dashboard with your marketing performances so you can find out if you’ve been succeeding or failing in any way.

Learn more about Keap CRM

CRM software, CRM software best, CRM in software, customer relationship management, Top 10 CRM software

Check out these softwares and give them a try to see if they are right for your business. Tell us which customer relationship management software best of 2022 is your pick in the comment section down below.

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