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Top 10 best movies that will change your life forever!

Top 10 best movies that will change your life forever.

Today we will talk about some life-changing best movies. And Today I’m going to tell you about such top movies that have created an impact on our lives. These are the best movies that have forced us to view our life from a different perspective. I have learned something from them. Now, this is not like that, they are the best top 10 best movies that would change your life.

I won’t say them best top 10, but yes, definitely these are the ones that changed my life. So don’t get upset if I have not included your favorite movie. Tell me in the comments, which is your favorite and top movie. Also, tell me the impact, the movie has created in your life. So if you have like this blog, please share this blog with your friends, who are searching for good, impactful, and inspirational movies. Let’s get started with this:

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10) The Forrest Gump

You must have already seen this inspirational movie. I will not be telling its story, the ones who haven’t seen it must watch this Hollywood movie. It’s a very good inspirational movie. The things, I have learned from this top movie are: “You don’t need expensive things to be happy” and “if you want to be successful, you must focus on one thing. You don’t need to have extraordinary talent.

You must focus on one thing and keep doing it ” So in the movie Tom Hanks, became a champion in Pingpong, then he became a running champion. So didn’t have any extraordinary talent, he just focused on one thing, and did it from all his heart. So you can be dumb, but if you do something from a good heart and with full focus, you get success.

9) The Intern

This is very fun to watch a Hollywood movie, you will relax and enjoy it, you will also learn from this movie. If I talk about its story, Post-retirement, a senior citizen applies for an intern in a startup. So the whole story revolves around this, And the lead actor Dr. Robert De Niro has told good things and a lot of words of wisdom. The impactful things I have able to learn are that “Experience always matters” and “Age is just a number.

You must have a healthy lifestyle”, and if you have dreamt of something, no one can understand this better than you, yourself. There are many other things which you would learn from this top movie. The remake of this movie is about to come in India. So I would advise before the remake comes, you must watch this top movie because the remake history of India is not good.

8) Shawshank Redemption

I don’t think I need to tell you about this inspirational movie. This is a very famous and best movie, you must have heard about this in many videos. I learned about hope from this Hollywood movie. There must be a positive attitude for your life. No matter how much worse the situation is, you must have a positive attitude. And you must definitely work for something you like every day.

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7) MS Dhoni

I really admire MS Dhoni as a person. He is a good cricketer, he has a very good character, and I find it admirable. And I have learned a lot about him. If you will watch his interview, and if you will watch his thought process on his thinking and leadership – the way he binds together all his team members and many other things. So definitely, you will learn a lot from him. He is a very humble and down-to-earth person. For this, I am inspired by his top movie as well as his personality.

6) Taare Zameen Par

Again, it is a good and famous inspirational movie. This movie has well-written songs, and the impact this movie has created is that it tells everyone has a unique ability. You don’t need to become a doctor or an engineer. With your unique ability, you can do many things. You can be unique, happy, different, and successful also. I watched this movie at the right time when I was in school, this movie influenced me a lot.

5) Inside Out

This is an animation Hollywood movie, and I love animation. I can make a separate blog on my Top 10 Animation best Movies. Whether, it is Dragon Balls, Death Note, or Kung Fu Panda, I have watched many animation movies. So among them, the one I have picked up for this blog is Inside Out. This Hollywood movie is about the emotions you have in your brain.

The impact this top movie is created is that Every emotion is necessary for our life, whether it is anger, sadness, happiness, or fear, everything is necessary If you have done something wrong to someone, then you should feel sad, this is important.

If something wrong has happened to you, you have to be sad and angry, both are necessary. If you are in a competitive match, you must have anger, and you must know the right way to channelize it. It is not like that you are laughing and you are waiting for the goal to happen. We must never say yes every time, sometime we must learn to say no, depending upon the scenario. So every emotion is necessary.

4) Rocky Balboa

This inspirational movie is about a retired wrestler, it is all about how he comes out of his retirement, gets trained and plays the match, wins it, and gives his performance. So it is a very nice Hollywood movie. The Rocky series has the best movies, but the most inspiring among them was Rocky Balboa. So, the most impacting thing about this top movie is” Don’t Quit” “Always keep moving forward” It doesn’t matter how much life punches you and puts you through failures. You don’t fail until you don’t quit.

3) The Social Network

This Hollywood movie is about how Facebook started. If you are interested, in reading, It has a book named “The Facebook effect”. The movie has actor Jesse Eisenberg, and he has completely nailed down his character in the movie. In my opinion, I will rate him 10/10 for his acting.

I have watched this movie in the year 2014. And after getting motivated by the movie, I thought of doing my startup by creating the website. I did my startup in the year 2014 when I was in the final year of my college. This was the top movie that influenced me to do. So, if you are interested in any Tech Startup, app, or website. If you are planning to open any blog, website, or app, so you must watch this movie, it will definitely inspire you.

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2) The Martian

This inspirational movie is about a person who stays in the mars alone, as his team leaves him. The whole movie tells about the situation as to how he survives and comes out of it. It is a beautifully directed Hollywood movie, with good acting, good effects, and storytelling. This movie is bang on, in my opinion, From this movie I have learned that we must always work on finding a solution. You don’t need to know your path towards your destination. That you have to go and reach out to the solution.

First, find a path, then connect them to different paths, which will help you in reaching your destination. First, connect to the first priority and put out its solution, then find out another solution. It is not necessary that you have a solution to everything. You can find solutions step by step. So, it is all about Never Stop Fighting. You can either accept it or work towards finding its solution, you don’t have any choice. It is a very good movie, The Martian.

1) Sully

This is the movie that has impacted me the most. Whenever I watch that inspirational movie I get goosebumps. It is based on a real incident, in the year 2009. Where due to an engine failure an aircraft had to do an emergency landing on water. So, it is a 100% real story. Just imagine, you are in a flight, and its engines fail and as a pilot, your communication is happening with a control center.

Where they are advised to return back to the airport. But the pilot has to calculate in a minute whether he has to go back to the airport or he has to do a water landing. There were so many lives at a stake, where it is the possibility that a plane can get crashed in the main city, which could cause certain loss. This tells that in a pressure situation, how a decision is handled.

It is very inspiring to me because, in a pressure situation, we have two options.
First: We easily accept other’s points of view because it is easy to play the blame game. You said to take this career option, and due to that I cannot be successful, it’s not my fault, it’s your fault. So, the blame game is very easy.

Second: There is no self-esteem or confidence that we make decisions in pressure situations. There is a pressure situation, and we are unable to understand it. Some friend or an elder person said this to do, and we go according to it. This is not related to a career, but it is also applicable to other life situations. Whenever we are under pressure, we feel we must take advice from others because that can keep us safe. But we must have confidence in our decisions to survive in pressure situations and learn from them.

This Hollywood movie is available on Amazon Prime. And, whenever you watch this movie, feel this that what you would have done if you were in his place. How decisions are taken, how he has proved himself right in the mental fight. The stability of the mind is very important. It’s more about the mental game, and I have learned a lot from this movie. I like this movie because this movie is based on a real incident. The story is well described There is no unnecessary drama. So, in my list of impactful movies, this should be number one.

Honorable mentions

I will also tell a bonus movie that has actually changed my life. The name of the movie is “3 idiots”. I watched this movie when I was having my 10th pre boards. This movie was released in the year 2010. I was having pre boards but still, I managed to watch it. The statement in the movie “Do the thing which you love”

So, my motivation was the movie which told me that we should do things we love. These were my favorite movies. Tell me in the comment section, which is your favorite movie. And the impact it has on your life. There are many other movies like “The Pursuit of Happiness” But this was the list according to the best movies that created an impact on me.

I hope you found my blog to be useful in some way.

Have a great day!

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