the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Breakdown Really!

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Breakdown

All right, a trailer for the matrix for a movie that was rumored like 10 years ago, and then it was like, no, this is really happening, and now we have a trailer.

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

I’m a sucker for good song choice and blending the visuals, as well as the audio like you, know the music and the sound effects that go with the music.

A scenario like yeah, of course, that’s what trailers do, but not all of them do. In fact, it feels few and far between trailers that actually nail it. I feel like this trailer nailed it.

Songs Breakdown

First and foremost, the music selection, White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, is not only one of the best swell songs of all time, but it is also one of the greatest swell songs of all time.

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

You know the song that starts out very subtle and then just climbs climbs climbs until the climax of the song yeah white rabbit’s the song. When I mention the trial, I’ll also mention the court tune from Chrono Trigger.

Not only that but, it’s also thematically relevant to the matrix, but then it kicks off with this very matrix trailer music blended into that song and. It perfectly matches sound effects like gunfire to the beat’s rhythm.

What are my thoughts?

I’ve seen this trailer about a dozen and a half times already. It’s a fantastic trailer, and I adore the audiovisual mixing approach.

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

All the way the, music blends with the sound effects and blends with the visuals. Okay, but what do we have for the plot, we don’t really know, which is awesome. I love that, yeah the fact that it’s not like, hey neo, remember what happened with you and agent smith all those years ago, well, No.

They don’t do that, it’s just Neo’s here, trinity’s here, they’re like have we met before, so you’re like is it what is it, I mean it’s called the matrix resurrections so is it dealing with reincarnation in that respect.

Neo’s vision and some overview.

You don’t know but neo’s been having these visions, and so the doctor NPH over here is like, I’m gonna do what doctors do.

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

I’m gonna write you a prescription for that blue pill, in fact, he’s tripping balls in his mirror to the point where Joe Rogan’s about to have him on the podcast.

However, we’ve heard that the one is a recurring abnormality in the matrix that’s certain to occur. So, okay, let’s say this is the next one again as we’re speculating this trailer gives you enough to just speculate about I love that about trailers.

Let’s say the robots get wind of it’s like all right, we can kill him, and then he’ll come back, or we can write him a prescription for blue pills and just keep him subdued for as long as we possibly can.

Neo and Agent Smith.

Everything’s alternate realities now, right that’s we’re in the cinematic alternate reality kick are we playing out the life of that alternate neo in that alternate decision that could have been made which did get made here where that neo shook hands with the architect took his blue pill and went back to bed there is that scene when he’s in front of the mirror and

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

It appears that his visage morphs into that of old agent Smith, which might be a result of how the matrix revolutions ended. It’s like what are they like part of one code.

I really miss Laurence Fishburne

Now, I do miss Laurence Fishburne though you know that’s the thing that I feel the loss here. I mean, carry-on moss is trinity in terms of title in terms of, her name, but Keanu reeves carry-on Moss and Laurence Fishburne.

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

They’re the trifecta in terms of concept and execution, and who knows, maybe this isn’t too far off. “I recall everything, where is Morpheus?” he adds as he walks away. I’m like, plot twist, that was like 200 years ago. This movie’s actually not a sequel, It’s a prequel.

The first matrix was perfect. Let’s see what we have for matrix 4?

But in the end, I thought it was a really kick-a$s trailer. I love the first matrix movie.

There was a time where I was like, I don’t want the matrix four because the first matrix I saw someone describe the first matrix, and he said the first matrix was quite naturally perfect, It was a work of art. Maybe, he was actually technically speaking.

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

In that scene, he was referring to the first matrix film, however, the first matrix film is cinematic sci-fi perfection, and the sequels aren’t quite as wonderful.

And there was a moment when I was like, “Nope, I simply detest sequels,” but I’ve learned to love some aspects of sequels like the Merrell Xinjiang is a great character. He’s incredible, there are things about the sequels I do enjoy, it’s just, they’re not what the first movie supposes that’s what the matrix four.

Bring on a fourth Matrix movie.

The matrix resurrections will most likely not achieve what the original matrix accomplished cinematically or consciously in terms of people’s minds.

the matrix, The Matrix Resurrections

So now I’m like, yeah bring on a fourth matrix movie worst-case scenario, it sucks, and the first one is still perfect. But in terms of the trailer, this was a pretty kick-a$s trailer.

Tell your thoughts in the comment section.

Alright, so the matrix resurrections trailer, have you seen it. What did you think about it? Whatever you thought comment below, let me know.

The Matrix Resurrections see it in theatres and on HBO Max on 12 December 2021.

release date of The Matrix Resurrections 22 December 2021

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