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How to get website hosting free? Best of 2022

How to get website hosting free?

Website hosting Free. Yep, it generally comes with a lot of asterisks. Often, it’s too good to be true. It’s a flat-out lie. But are there any genuine free web hosting providers worth your time? We’ll take a look at 000webhost in this article and review 000-Webhost and find out more alternative options.

website hosting free, 000webhost, free web hosting, website hosting for free, web hosting for free

Why 000webhost is a good free hosting?

How to get website hosting for free? Well, is generally marketed as the best free web hosting option, though after testing I found it has some great pros, but also some limitations, you guys should know about.

And if I’m honest, after lots of trying different web hosting for free providers, 000webhost is probably the only real provider that doesn’t require your credit card information or does other shady stuff with your data. isn’t a saint by any means, but it’s the best thing for answering how to host a website for free or website hosting for free.

If a Free web hosting provider requires your credit card information or personal data, run away as fast as you can. So 000webhost allows you to create an account in literally seconds since you can just connect using Facebook or your Google account. But as a rule, I wouldn’t use my main accounts to connect here. Have some like throwaway email, you know, just to be safe.

The best thing, is no credit card data, no need for sensitive information. You are limited to only one free web hosting, but you can just publish it on a free 000-Webhosting subdomain. You don’t need to connect a normal domain name so you can just create a web hosting for free and launch it all in the same afternoon.

Once you’re logged in, Not the smoothest, but still easy to understand. If you’re wondering well, how to get website hosting free for WordPress? Don’t worry. 000webhost works mostly with this exact CMS. Let’s define what you actually get with the website hosting free plan. Three gigabytes of monthly traffic, 300 megabytes of storage space, 10,000 anodes or files, and a hundred databases. So it’s honestly a really generous deal, but a massive limitation, at least for me, when it comes to storage space.

website hosting free, 000webhost, free web hosting, website hosting for free, web hosting for free

300 megabytes is really not that much especially if you add up all the WordPress files. It leaves you with just about 200 megabytes. So you couldn’t really upload any high-quality photos or videos here. Another very logical limit is requested. Basically, every feature on your site usually requests some resources from the server or the database.

This can be anything from requesting an image to showing all users that are registered. With, you can make 10,000 or 20,000 requests per day and have 100 daily unique hits or visits. If it’s a very small personal project, that’s fine. For everything else, it’s a tad bit limiting.

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Performance/Speed in Free Web Hosting

When you hear the word free web hosting, you immediately think of a website loading for ages and your site being unreachable for 99.99% of the time. Well, not really with 000webhost. I tested the default website hosting for free, WordPress install and it took around 1.6 seconds to fully load. Sure, it was just an empty theme, but some premium website hosting for free providers can’t even achieve this goal. So hats off from 000-WebHost.

Unfortunately, stability wasn’t as good. For over a month, my website was down quite a while. Nothing truly terrifying, but 000webhost scored 99.1% being down for around four hours. If that is a huge factor for you, I’ll add my tried and tested recommendations in the end. They offer great performance alongside great deals as well.

Security in Free Website Hosting

One of the most important aspects of any project is security. And you probably understand that when you get things for free, they won’t have the tightest security. On the security front, offers protection albeit basic. Server-level firewalls, DDoS protection, and 24/7 server monitoring.

But you don’t get an SSL certificate, which is a huge security and trust issue on today’s internet because nearly every browser will mark your site as unsafe without it and warn the users that it might be a fishy site. And we don’t want that. A big aspect of website hosting free, you won’t get any decent support options. And that absolutely makes sense since running a support center costs a lot of money, especially if you’re hiring professionals.

000webhosting has a knowledge base, some tutorials, and a user support forum. But keep in mind, that you don’t get live chat, and live chat can save your site in a bad situation. I think you get the gist by now. Web hosting for free is mostly just to play around and experiment or for extremely small projects.

website hosting free, 000webhost, free web hosting, website hosting for free, web hosting for free

If you’re thinking at least a bit serious about the website you want to create, trust me, you’ll be glad you went with a paid hosting provider ’cause let’s be real, no matter how reputable the website hosting free provider might be, when you get things for free, no one really takes time to protect your content and site.

So one day your entire project could just go poof and disappear. How to avoid that? Upgrade to a premium plan of course. If we look at 000-WebHost plans, you can start premium hosting here for under $2 a month. This plan has 30 gigabytes of storage space, a hundred gigabytes of bandwidth, a free simple SSL certificate, a professional email account, and Cloudflare-protected servers.

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Is HOSTINGER a Better Option

In all my professional experience, 000webhosting paid plans are good, but Hostinger offers extremely similar plans, dare I say identical, with one big thing. It has way better performance and optimization for WordPress. And the control dashboard is much smoother with the Hostinger in my humble opinion. Hostinger is great for any real person, business, or e-commerce website.

The major factor in this is that Hostinger updates its tech quite often and can offer top-quality performance while still being affordable. Every shared Hostinger plan comes with Lite Cache, improving loading times for your visitors drastically, especially the ones that are regular.

And we can go much deeper into other features. It adds like CloudLinux, LVE containers for account isolation, and full SSD servers, but it would take all day and it’s a lot of technical jargon. So, the gist of it is Hostinger upgrades and optimizes its technology so you can have both fast and affordable cheap hosting.

My WordPress website is created on Hostinger. It has a small store, a few items, and some high-quality photos[Monkservices]. While testing it with GTmetrix it fully loads in 1.3 seconds, which is nearly twice as fast as the industry standard loading time of 2.5 seconds. As far as stability, Hostinger constantly shows 100% to 99.99% uptime with maybe a few minutes of downtime here and there. Another really important thing if you’re new to hosting or website hosting free, is you might just find Hostinger hPanel to be easier to navigate and understand than 000-Webhosting.

website hosting free, 000webhost, free web hosting, website hosting for free, web hosting for free

This is what installing a new WordPress site feels like. So it’s just a few steps. This hPanel gives you much more control over all aspects of your hosting. So once you get the hang of it, you aren’t limited to just simple features. Hostinger has you covered when it comes to security. Its plans come with free DDoS attack prevention an intelligent web application firewall and weekly or daily backups. Now the last one is not really that common in shared hosting plans, especially without a price tag. So Hostinger is quite generous automatically backing up your data and restoring it completely for free.


So what have we learned? While there aren’t a lot of free web hosting providers out there that will actually give your website hosting for free without stealing your data or doing some other weird thing, 000-Webhosting gives you a very limited, still free web hosting account.

It’s good to play around with WordPress and its plugins, or if you have some very small school or personal project. However, for everything, at least a little bit serious, I recommend going with Hostinger shared hosting plans. These give you a much smoother control panel, loads of resources, and a decent feature package. The best thing, if you can pay a little bit up front, you can get fast shared hosting for around $1.50 a month.

Thanks for reading my blog and sticking to the end. Since it’s just the two of us left, how about you leave a comment about what you liked or disliked about this article? You know, every single tip helps me grow and improve, and I really appreciate it. I’m off to do research for my next article. So see you all later.

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