How to find a girl on Instagram

How to find a girl on Instagram? And make her fall in love with you

Hi, So you want to know how to find a girl on Instagram. Well, I know how you can get to know us girls on Instagram a little better. So, This blog is for guys who want to know more about it. I will share some common mistakes that you guys commit when you text girls on Instagram, then you wonder why don’t they answer me. What should I get to get their attention? If this topic is interesting for you then, please support my blog.

How to find a girl on Instagram?

Now, let’s begin, and we begin with how to find a girl on Instagram in the first place. Actually, it’s simple you need to search her by location tag so go to Instagram, go to search, and start typing in places, so we can find a girl on Instagram.

If you want a girl in Moscow, you just find the most popular tourist destination like red square, you must have heard of it right. Actually, In this way, you can find girls anywhere in the world for example in Barcelona. Why not go ahead and try it so. {Search Instagram girls by Location}

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Make your profile clean and lovely.

The next important step, please fill in your profile your Instagram bio. So go to edit your profile, it’s important, don’t ask me why because the first place where the girl will go and check you out and get to know you more is your profile. So please write something here if you’re looking specifically for Instagram girls from Russia, Moscow.

You can write something in her native language. For that, you open google translate, and you write whatever you want, ” I live in Delhi and learning the Russian language” so that’s it simple copy and paste.

How to start a conversation?

We figured out how to find a girl on Instagram, now let’s talk about how to begin a conversation with Instagram girls. And here’s my first piece of advice, it’s okay if you’re a guy and you want to meet a European, Russian or American girls on Instagram. And here’s the most obvious move, you can just DM her “hi, how are you” well, that’s not a bad start but, it’s already something but, there is one thing most likely, and it’s like 90% of the cases she just won’t text you back.

I’m sorry, of course, she can reply if she really liked your profile picture. But then “hello how are you” come on you can do better that’s boring and girls nowadays just don’t pay attention to that anymore. On top of that, this is the typical behavior of a person with a fake account, and girls on Instagram may just think that you want to steal something from them, some information in the end.

What answer do you expect to such a question? she will reply with “hi I’m, good” and max to the max she will ask “how are you doing yourself” and what will be your answer “oh, well everything is bad” and then you will start talking about your problems.

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Then just assume she replied, think what will you ask next always. What you won’t follow the same pattern right, you will ask her, “what are you doing” uh, you’ve changed replies, that’s it, your conversation ended right there. So what do I offer you to do instead, examine her Instagram profile and ask yourself the following questions?

What kind of person is she? So, if we go back to the red square example and choose some Instagram girls, go to her profile. We go to her profile she’s quite popular you need to try hard to impress her so see she likes flowers and dressed very well she’s posing like a model.

Then begin a conversation like, “uh, I think you are really beautiful, and a lot of dresses look fabulous on you.” I think that’s a great start but, be careful to check if she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a husband or kids or she’s not wearing a wedded dress. Basically, just check if she’s available for dating. And after analyzing her feed, understand what she is interested in.

You will be able to make a more personal compliment, for example, if you see that she often changes locations and passionately talks about traveling obviously you can feel free to start a conversation based on what inspires her. For example, if you see a photo from a museum in Italy, ask her, “who are her favorite artists.”

Don’t be lazy google some names and study this topic a little and start a conversation like, “Hey, I also love painting. Who’s your favorite Leonardo Michelangelo” admitted it sounds more appealing than “hi, how are you.”

Don’t be sparing with compliments.

And yes, very important point don’t spare compliments. That’s my next tip, be generous with nice emotions perhaps, her Instagram feed is full of pictures where she’s beautifully dressed.

We just checked out, and she poses like a model maybe, she’s a good dancer, or maybe she writes very interesting deep posts and likes to read books. Compliment that, and she definitely won’t ignore it. Remember, everyone loves compliments, especially if they’re genuine.

You don’t have to try too hard on a girl.

The next tip is “don’t try too hard.” You must clearly see personal boundaries and what I mean is there is one very common mistake among guys, and I request you, please never try to do it.

And that is don’t ask her straight away to marry you. You must be thinking but why this shows how serious my intentions are. No, in fact, it just sounds like a pickup trick you’re proposing to a stranger. Basically, the first person on-site, you haven’t talked to even for a minute.

But you’re already offering to be bonded for the rest of your life. How would you personally react to such an offer, I think it’s weird, irresponsible, and is way too soon. A proposal to get married will attract only silly girls on Instagram because the smart ones understand that such decisions should not be taken lightly.

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Don’t keep pushing and overstressing her.

We’re coming to the next point just learn the main lesson. You should measure your attention don’t keep pushing and overstressing her. You remember, for her, you’re just a guy. You could just text her on Instagram and nothing more, yet. Better think of how to get her interested and yes that’s my other point.

Don’t think only about yourself but also about her. I already told you, you need to study her profile really carefully perhaps, you should even try texting her friend. Yes, girls on Instagram often tag their friends in posts and stories, and don’t be shy and write to one of them tell her you like this girl and you would like to know more about her.

Be nice, be sweet get, all the information, build the communication, and based on that, just talk to her again. You should have a personal individual approach to a girl, that she sees you as a good and determined guy.

Every girl wants to feel special.

And this brings us to my next piece of advice every girl wants to be special. We are all deeply convinced that we are the best and deserve sincere love and a lot of attention. Are you getting it, yet think about it never tell her that you like specifically Russian, Spanish, and American girls or whatever.

Why are you really asking me? why it immediately pops into her head? yeah, it means he’s just looking for a foreigner, and I’m one of many who he texted to. I just came his way instead. Focus on her personality write to her, how she’s different from others. Tell her, but be sincere in what way she is unique. Basically, make her feel the one and only.

Improve your patience.

My seventh tip will help you to improve your patience. If she replied to you, do not rush to answer her immediately. If she replied in 20 minutes text her in 40.

Yes, this is a big psychological secret If she sees your detachment, she will be nervously checking messages and definitely get hooked on you. She will feel that you are a self-sufficient reserved person and girls just love that. That’s what really works I personally experienced it.

Never say sorry for no reason.

Okay, let’s move on to a very important point. Please, never apologize for no reason sometimes, guys really like apologizing to Instagram girls like it looks a bit weird. Don’t say, “oh, sorry, do I bother you, are you busy” you will never bother anyone if you just behave like a normal person. This also happens often you text her “hello”, and she doesn’t reply it’s been an hour, two, three.

As a result, she opens Instagram and sees loads of pictures and texts from you, and it turns out she was just a bit busy swimming in the pool or doing her yoga class. And of course, she is in no hurry to reply because you know you appear really clingy so never overwhelm her with messages. If she doesn’t answer back. You can try the next day.

Find out if she speaks English.

But that’s it, better text another girl if she doesn’t reply the next day and the last piece of advice that is very important just to find out if she speaks English. Maybe she would want to practice it, and she would be interested to talk to someone like you who can help her with it.

This is something interesting for both of you. Why? because, by learning the language, you can tell each other about your cultural habits and family over time. You will get to know each other well. It will happen really quickly, I promise, and you become friends, and she’ll start to trust you. And trust is a reliable base for a future relationship. That’s all I got on how to find a girl on Instagram, for now, be sweet and don’t miss your chance.

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