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How to delete information from internet? It’s Possible?

Intro: How to remove information from internet?

I’ll be discussing How to delete information from internet? How to remove information from internet with you today. This entails deleting your social media profiles, delete information from internet, and getting rid of any evidence of you from data brokers.

We’ll also engage in a discussion on free speech in America versus Europe’s right to be forgotten, which has important ramifications for the internet world. 

How can we delete information from internet? How to delete social media accounts? How can we hide from the internet? How to remove information from internet? Are you prepared to join us as we explore the internet jungle? We will uncover all the solutions to the questions raised above.

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Does the internet remember everything?

Because whatever we upload to the network stays there forever, even if we submerge our laptop, our images and our music will always be there. Today, information is often kept on numerous networks and clouds so it’s hard to delete information from internet.

Take a look at the Wayback Machine, which is a pretty cool piece of technology and basically a non-profit that serves as an internet archive. The Wayback Machine could be precisely what you’re looking for if you want to see how your favorite website seemed, say, 10 or 15 years ago.

However, a tool like this isn’t only for entertainment. For instance, researching a website’s background may provide important details for potential investors about a business or a product. However, having access to the history of the internet can potentially have some fairly major repercussions for people’s reputations and livelihoods.

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Mini-experiment: Googling yourself

The Case of Adeline

Adeline Lafourin is one instance of this. It shouldn’t be a huge concern if a lady often shared sexually explicit pictures of herself online, right?

Adeline was a secretary in the Swiss parliament when her boss unintentionally stumbled upon these old photos, which caused a scandal. Unfortunately, Adeline was forced to resign from her position as a result. Of course, this case attracted a lot of media attention and the attention of numerous internet users. In fact, Adeline was soon well on her way to becoming a popular porn actress, which I believe she is now.

The experiment of googling yourself

Let’s do a test. Actually, Google yourself right now to see what You can learn about yourself. You have to utilize the incognito mode to prevent your prior searches from having an impact on the outcomes. Let’s try your first and last name for the time being. Right, in my search results it seems like I’m just a bunch of sports coats.

Let’s do it once more, Shouldn’t be an issue, so now I get my results. For example, you can see a link to your private Instagram page, your LinkedIn profile, as well as some other unrelated content. The end results will be your social media profiles.

Since I’ve never been in the news, you can get the majority of my information about me on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Let’s examine how to truly delete social media network accounts, though. And then, we will discuss how can we delete information from internet. And how can we hide from the internet?

How to delete social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

If you’d like to protect yourself from your past mistakes, I recommend actually deleting all of any unused accounts (delete social media accounts in short). And second, give the ones you do use a thorough cleaning. There is a slight issue here in that it is more difficult than it would initially appear to delete social media profiles.

delete information from internet, how to remove information from internet, Delete info from internet, delete social media, hide from the internet

Now, this relates to the function and design of these services; after all, there’s a reason why they are referred to as social networks as they include a vast amount of information about individuals, businesses, and other organizations. And because this data won’t fit on a single server, this network essentially disperses it throughout the globe.

Additionally, social networks offer a wide range of services, so they have a tendency to collect this data and store it in quite varied ways. So even if you delete social media profile on Facebook your previous comments or chat history may still be visible. The decision of whether it is better in the mind to endure the slings and arrows of unpleasant remarks depends on whether Facebook should be deleted or deactivated.

Delete info from internet: Facebook Addition 

Let’s start with Facebook. There are two methods to leave this platform: deletion or deactivation, as is evident.

Deactivation allows you to keep your name, photos, and other personal information out of the public eye. Fortunately, it also lets you continue using Messenger and log into other services using Facebook. Additionally, you may revive your account whenever you’d want to do so. And this isn’t very helpful if we want to hide from the internet and if we want to delete information from internet.

On the other hand, deleting your data is a more drastic action that, although it does permanently remove your personal data, and delete social media profiles but it also precludes you from using Facebook Messenger or even login into other services. If you want to do this, your request is initially forwarded to the Facebook administrators. You really have the opportunity to revive your account by just signing in during the first 30 days.

However, if you are confident in your choice, it may take up to 90 days for all of your personal information to be completely erased from Facebook’s servers. Facebook will still keep certain records of your prior behavior, but only law enforcement will have access to them. Therefore, this probably won’t assist if you’re trying to hide a major crime by deleting your Facebook page. It takes time to completely delete information from internet or to delete social media accounts.

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Delete info from internet: Instagram Addition

Now let’s go on to Instagram. Unsurprisingly, both Instagram and Facebook are controlled by the same firm, and as a result, you have the same two options: deactivation or deletion.

Likewise, law enforcement will still have access to information if necessary, so deleting your social media accounts is probably not going to help you if you’re trying to get away with a crime you’ve committed. If we’re talking about deletion, it takes about 90 days for all of that data to be deleted. However, temporarily deactivating your accounts should be sufficient to prevent job recruiters from learning about your previous online activities.

Delete info from internet: Twitter and LinkedIn Addition

Now let’s move on to Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms differ from Facebook and Instagram in that if a deactivation lasts for more than 30 days, it actually results in permanent deletion. This means that if you deactivate your Twitter account, you only have 30 days to log back in; after that, your information will be erased and your Twitter handle will be up for grabs. But you can’t hide from the internet as google has stored all your past tweets and now you have to request google to delete info from internet.

delete information from internet, how to remove information from internet, Delete info from internet, delete social media, hide from the internet

With its shut account functionality, LinkedIn operates very similarly to Twitter. Of all of these social media platforms, Twitter is the only one that alerts users that their prior behavior can still be available on search engines even after deleting their account. You would really have to file a request to Google, not to Twitter, to have such tweets erased. For instance, Google can display the deleted tweets of deleted users.

There is a particularly heated argument about the right to be forgotten when it comes to erasing material that was previously published online. The question here is whether a person can request that factual information about themselves be deleted from search engines. Can I ask google to delete information from internet about me? Can I hide from the internet? America and Europe have very different answers to these very questions. 

Data brokers & the First Amendment

Let’s discuss information brokers and the first amendment. As we all know, the first amendment of the American constitution safeguards the right to free expression. This means that the right to publish factual information on the internet trumps both privacy and individuals’ right to confidentiality.

Eye-opening Information 

If information is accurate, nobody actually has the right to ask for its removal, therefore if you’re seeking information about Americans, several well-known data brokers can assist you, like Spokeo Radaris and white pages, to mention just a few.

I actually typed my name into Spokeo, where I discovered 18 others who agree with me that I wasn’t on the appropriate page, to begin with. I really typed my name into Spokeo and discovered 18 people living in the United States that had the same name as me. As you can see, it would only cost a dollar or so to receive information on these people. These Data Brokers are stopping us to delete information from internet, they won’t let us hide from the internet.

delete information from internet, how to remove information from internet, Delete info from internet, delete social media, hide from the internet

Additionally, I wouldn’t only have access to their phone numbers. I would also receive information on their email accounts, past addresses for their family, and other things. I then looked through a few more American sources, and Radar discovered some details about 18 people same name as me in the United States.

In addition to what you may learn elsewhere, I must admit that Theodore’s specifics are extremely astounding. Radar can tell you about neighbors as well as bankruptcies, marriages, divorces, and criminal histories.

Data brokers or DBs

Companies like these are known as data brokers or DBs for short, and they have been around for a very long time. I mean, long before the internet even existed. In fact, they started collecting information on people’s credit histories in the 1950s and scoring them accordingly before, unsurprisingly, monetizing this information.

Data brokers today get information in numerous ways. Instead, they are gathering information from social media and other open sources, and as a result, they have extensive dossiers on 230 million Americans and more than 10% of the global population. What this data is actually utilized for is marketing, including, as we are all aware, targeted advertisements, as well as sociological and statistical studies on individuals.

Additionally, this industry is entirely legal in the United States; debates regarding regulation have even taken place, but sadly no action has been made as of yet. The good news is that you may really get your information removed from the databases of these so-called information brokers. But it’s very complicated as it takes very long to delete information from internet.

The simplest method to accomplish this is by using services that focus on erasing personal data; however, these services do cost a few dollars, so if you don’t want to spend money on this, you may use the “free DIY opt-out tutorial on deleting me.” But in this instance, be prepared to invest a significant amount of time because you will need to complete a separate form for each broker.

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Google vs. Mario Costeja Gonzalez

Fortunately, personal data protection is now much better in Europe, and for this, we must give credit to a guy by the name of Mario Kostka Gonzalez.

Mario experienced significant financial difficulties in 1998, which led to the temporary repossession of his property. A 36-word story on the data was published in a local newspaper, and more than ten years later Mario actually filed a request to have the item permanently deleted from Google.

In this instance, Mario made a reasonable argument that the outdated article had a detrimental influence on his company’s reputation. What did Mario gain out of this? The item stayed on the newspaper’s website, but it was really removed from the Google search engine in Spain. Legal processes went on for four years before Mario finally won. Thanks to Mario it’s easy in Europe to hide from the internet and to delete information from internet.

This was amazing because Mario’s court victory laid the groundwork for Europe’s right to be forgotten. Even on the day, Mario’s court victory was made public, 12,000 Europeans sent Google requests asking for the same thing(delete information from internet), and soon after, Google added technology that made this possible. You can click the link down below if you live in the European Union and want to remove yourself from Google searches and want to hide from the internet and if you wants to delete information from internet.

delete information from internet, how to remove information from internet, Delete info from internet, delete social media, hide from the internet

Some helpful links

1. The Wayback Machine: (

2. Free DIY opt-out guide:… 

3. Data removal application for Google:… 

4. DB:… 

Conclusion: Can We Really delete information from internet?

Of course, it might be claimed that the right to be forgotten may be against society’s best interests. For instance, the same process could be employed by perilous individuals, such as, say, convicted pedophiles, or con artists, to obfuscate a past that may be harmful. However, this right does not extend the public lives of politicians I mean otherwise the right to be forgotten would simply become censorship.

The laws governing personal data are not yet developed or uniform because different nations approach this issue in different ways. For example, Europe prioritizes the system’s right to privacy, while the United States leans toward free speech, and god, we still haven’t talked about China, which follows a much more authoritarian, tightly controlled, even Orwellian path. However, I’ll address that in a future blog.

I’ll leave you with one more piece of advice: anything we do online leaves a trail, and anybody, including companies, advertisements, fraudsters, or even intelligence organizations, may utilize our personal information.

All I’m trying to say is that you should exercise caution and deliberate thought as you navigate the internet jungle because once something is posted online, it is very hard to take it down.

I hope you now have a better understanding of How can we delete information from internet? How to delete social media accounts? How can we hide from the internet? How to remove information from internet?

Thanks for Reading out Blog on How to delete information from internet?

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