social media, Technology, How social media is making us dumb?

How social media is making you dumb? || Are you? 2022

How social media is making you Dumb?

How social media is making you Dumb? Technology is making you Dumb, Every platform has a single aim That you stop thinking about yourself. Earlier when the groceries from our homes got finished People made plans to go to market Or order them in the market and it was delivered in 3-4 days, Nowadays it is delivered in 10 minutes. Why think unnecessarily?

social media, Technology, How social media is making us dumb?

Earlier, before consuming anything, People used to research the product Or search for the relatable video. Nowadays, people use to get auto-Recommendation, And reels get scrolled on their own. Why think unnecessarily? 

Earlier, before making any opinion, At least, People use to research on various websites, To know the facts. And nowadays, instant and readymade opinions are available on Twitter. Just you need to agree to those opinions. 

Life today is like a 2-minute noodle. And all this is because of technology. So, let’s understand today, Why is this happening? How is this happening? How social media is making you Dumb?

And I will be giving you a small model or criteria by which you can do a test on yourself to know to what extent you are affected by this. 

Why does this happen?

1) Social media and Confirmation Bias

First of all, let’s understand why is this happening? How social media is making you Dumb?

If you visit any of the social media platforms And observe its basic design. They’re attempting to get you to spend more time with them. And for this, developers have created echo chambers. These eco chambers essentially try to trap you in a loop, So that you get a lot of opinions based on your agreement with the confirmation Bias. And this will make your confirmation bias very strong, And when it gets remarkably strong. 

Then you will keep wasting your time fighting with others, And these social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have a good strategy for this. 

2) What’s wrong with our society?

And the second reason is Our society has always remained like You should always agree to others opinions, why think yourselves. In our homes when someone elder tells something then the youngers are told to listen as he is elder. You can’t disagree with the elder person. He has gained experience, We don’t say that he can be wrong, We don’t talk about critical thinking. 

And if you take admission in any school or educational institution. There too you learn about rote learning. Rote memorize and agree with the teacher’s opinions. 

Why think on your own? Why develop critical thinking? And after developing this in ourselves because of all these education systems and societal impressions, We implement this in the future, And this further enables technologies. 

How do you see Twitter as a social media platform?

Now, if you want to test this on yourself, Then you can do it easily, I will ask you a question. Let’s take the example of Twitter. It’s a social media platform. How do you see Twitter as a social media platform? I am sure there will be many people who would say Twitter is used for political talks And some would say Twitter is used for conversations on start-ups And some would say it is the place for Web-3 or crypto users. 

social media, Technology, How social media is making us dumb?

But it is not like that, Twitter can be understood as a town in which all these are small Streets. And in which Street you would like to live. It will be decided by the people you follow. 

Framework for testing Experiment on Social media

Now here is a small experiment, Make a new and fresh Twitter account And follow only a limited number of people say 10. And all these 10 people must be very influential people in their respective fields. Suppose if you understand politics, Then you would be aware of the terms left-wing and right-wing. You go and follow 10 influential people from the left-wing.

You can also follow 10 influential people from the right-wing. Which are think are the most influential or agree to your confirmation bias? Now, when you would start using that account in which you follow those 10 people You would start engaging with their posts. Then Twitter, on its own, also shows you posts of the people with which those 10 people engage.

They liked any post Or wrote any comment anywhere Or retweeted any tweet And with Twitter, we get one more feature in which it gives a recommendation Of accounts that you should follow. On the basis of whom you follow, Run this experiment for a month And you would find that the account in which you have followed 10 people from the left-wing, The whole of the feed is filled with the posts of the same thought process. 

So, the confirmation bias which started earlier Would now be converted into a strong opinion. And if have made the Twitter account by following people from the right-wing Then also the results would be the same. 

Thought bubble and Echo chamber.

Now, with those strong opinions which have been made by you will initiate your quarrels with others. But take a pause here Think once Were those strong opinions literally yours? Or those were the borrowed opinions? You have only agreed to others by listening to them. And because you are continuously shown the same content, You started making those opinions yours. That’s why this is called a thought bubble or an echo chamber. You become a part of this echo chamber. 

And because I have told you this and if you start using this experiment Then maybe you would think somewhat consciously. But we are not at all conscious of our biases.

We Don’t know what our biases are And when this happens subconsciously on are larger-scale with a lot of people Then this becomes problematic. And I am not at all pinpointing twitter This all happens on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and every social media platform. That’s a simple overview of How social media is making you Dumb?

It is easier to run this experiment on Twitter So, according to me, you should try this experiment. And if you are like, this doesn’t bother me. I am not getting affected by this to such an extent. Wait and give me a minute And I would tell you how badly this can affect you. But before this, I should say one more thing. 

Technology is not all bad

It is not like technology will ruin everything. When technology started enabling all this When these started to offer us convenience Then the only purpose was that we should not waste our time on useless things.

social media, Technology, How social media is making us dumb?

Like in 2022, you don’t carry a map along with you, If you are traveling from New York to Los Angles then you would not use a map to find the way. Google Maps can easily help you with this.

And nowadays you don’t memorize the phone numbers of people, All phone numbers are saved on your mobile phones Right? So, that you don’t waste time on all these useless things which can be replaced. Rather you invest your muscle memory in useful and good deeds. This can be a good counterargument. 

How does technology affect us?

If you look at this realistically are you able to invest your muscle memory in good deeds? Because most of the time it is like We have purchased some convenience And lost our control. So, this creates a problematic situation. Let me give you some statistics. 

Social Media and its effect on Adults

An adult looks at his/her smartphone 150 times a day. And a person in their 20s receives on average 4000 messages on his phone per month. These notifications are like drugs, Which knock on doors of your smartphone screen on a per-minute basis. Look at me, give me your time and concentration, And this regular distraction in a long run Tune your mind in a way that can be destructive if you are using this carelessly. For more info — Wiki

social media, Technology, How social media is making us dumb?

You must be consuming a lot of information But would you be able to retain that information? This is a big question. We can look at many things But how attentively we are watching something? This is a big question. We are gaining a lot of experience But can you feel those experiences deeply? This is a big question. How social media is making you Dumb? And all these questions are asked by a few Which are very important to be asked. 

Technology creates an illusion of intimacy

The second thing is technology creates an illusion of intimacy. And realistically there is a situation of deep solitude. If you write anything on social media, Your followers react, like, or message you for that.

Then you feel like you are always surrounded by a lot of people Who are regularly listening to you or reacting to your posts and accepting that. But here is the truth, In reality, you are sitting in a corner of your room with dimmed lights staring at your mobile phone screen.

Observing yourself like a third person is a very weird experience. But if you try to do it Then you would find that this is an illusion of intimacy. And in reality, there is a deep solitude. 

Social media in Politics

And if you observe at a larger scale Then technology is changing our democracies as well. It is re-engineering them by De-platforming some politicians. Manipulating votes by manipulating data. You must have heard about the case of Cambridge Analytica. A very interesting documentary “The Social Dilemma” is available on Netflix Where all these are depicted beautifully.

A movie called “Brexit” is also available Where Cambridge Analytica and other relatable cases are demonstrated beautifully. How after collecting data from some specific places of some specific person, Technology can manipulate their votes by showing some targeted ads. And this was the case for the past 2 to 3 years. In the era of technology, one year is equal to 10 years. That’s how fast we are progressing So, we need to think a bit about where this is carrying us to? These were the problems. 

What are the solutions?

You may ask me the solution. The solution is somewhat complex But you can implement it in the long run. If you have read this article carefully, Then I have told you one thing, You have given the control and taken the convenience. We just need to reverse it a little bit.

Take some control back You would face some inconvenience. Cope up with that Get cautious about social media and technology. Look, I love technology I love social media. My every Blog runs on social media. How I can reach you? I would have engaged only 10-15 people if social media was not available.

But you need to be somewhat cautious in using this. And if can’t be cautious At least get conscious, Understand your biases. Which things affect you? What are your opinions? Why you took a particular decision? Whatever be your decision or opinion Wait for a second and think Why did I do that? Why did I feel this way about this? And that’s it, A process will start from there Which will sort out your life a lot in the long run. 

So, these were my views on this topic I hope this article would be helpful for you. If you liked this Blog then share it among your friends And if you disagree with something in this article. This is very important At least think about this blog a little bit. If you disagree tell me in the comment section. 

Thanks for reading our blog on the How social media is making you dumb? || Are you?

Have a great day!

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