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What Are the Best Ways to Get More Instagram Story Stickers Engagement?

Best Ways to Get More Instagram Story Stickers Engagement?

When it comes to incorporating stories in your plan, Instagram story stickers are the way to go. However, just slapping them on your tales as an afterthought will not result in high interaction. I’ll go through Instagram story stickers in detail, as well as my top Instagram story stickers for increasing interaction with your Instagram story viewers.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Instagram Story Stickers?

It’s important to understand why people use stories and how they use them. The way people generally use stories is speed-tapping through them, which means they aren’t engaged. And that’s where Instagram story stickers come in, to slow their top and get them engaged with your content. This is because Instagram story stickers are more conversational.

It’s giving the viewer a chance to be a part of your stories, whether it means tapping on a poll, replying to a question sticker, or they might react or reply, which means a direct conversation with your ideal follower. Reaction and replies are so valuable because this is going to build your relationship with your potential customers, but also their relationship with you in the algorithm, meaning they’re more likely to see your story’s content in the future.

Instagram story viewers, Instagram Story Stickers, Instagram Story, Instagram story sticker, rapidmantra

Chances are when Instagram creates a lot of something, it means they want you to use them. And there are a lot of Instagram story stickers. And this is one of the best reasons for Instagram story viewers to see your stories.

Questions Sticker

I’m gonna dive right into my favorite Instagram story stickers. Let’s start with the questions sticker. The questions sticker is the perfect fit for engaging Q&As, which are gonna help you answer your most frequently asked questions from your followers and ideal customers. These responses on your questions sticker can be a great source of inspiration when creating new stories in the future and other content on Instagram. You wanna make it easy for people to engage with your questions sticker. One of the most compelling reasons for Instagram story viewers to see your tales is this.

So be specific. Don’t just say, “Ask me anything.” For example, if you’re a fitness brand, you wanna maybe use the questions sticker to ask people what activities are they doing this weekend to stay active. This is a great opportunity to share their responses and maybe even share some of your products that would help them out. 

Another way to use this questions sticker is not necessarily asking a question but prompting a conversation. I posted a question sticker asking for my audience’s business confessions. And I shared that on my stories to start a conversation, create a relatable moment, and have people say if they agreed or disagreed with whatever the person shared. When using Instagram story stickers, think outside the box. You don’t have to just use it for what Instagram created it for. 

Slider Sticker

And another way to get feedback from your viewers is by using the sliding poll. And this is great for having people rate how they’re feeling on a scale of 1 to 10 or maybe giving them some emojis to look at at the bottom of your slider. And this is one of the strongest justifications for Instagram story viewers to check out your content.

Instagram story viewers, Instagram Story Stickers, Instagram Story, Instagram story sticker, rapidmantra

Poll Sticker

Now let’s talk about using polls for your Instagram stories. I love using polls throughout my stories for the day, giving people a chance to quickly tap and be part of the conversation. You can use this for yes or no, but we need to get a little more creative here. First, you can use it as a way for your audience to agree, maybe say a yes and then a heck yes option. 

You can use this poll for voting as well, maybe like this or that, and give people options with visuals and photos. Or you can use this as a hand-raising opportunity to gauge where your audience is at, especially when offering educational content. I found this valuable, I’m going to make some changes or I already do this, thank you for the reminder. And after reading these examples, you’ll know how to get Instagram story viewers to see your tales.

Quiz Sticker

The quiz sticker is a great way to get your audience thinking about the content that you’re sharing. Quiz Instagram story stickers are great for engagement because they have to tap on them to see what the correct answer is and it keeps them waiting for the next Instagram story viewer. And I suppose you’ve reconsidered your position and discovered a solution to the problem of Instagram story viewers seeing your tales. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Instagram story viewers, Instagram Story Stickers, Instagram Story, Instagram story sticker, rapidmantra

The quiz sticker is great for teasing new products or launches, but it’s also great for an educational moment where you want to gauge their interest, give them an answer to guess, and then kind of explain why that answer was correct in the next slide. 

You can also use the quiz sticker by only having two options and having one as true and false for myth-busting. Or you can use it as a guessing game to reintroduce people to yourself and your brand with fun facts about when you founded your company or what your favorite color is. 

Link Sticker

And onto one of the newer Instagram story stickers of the bunch, the link sticker, which has replaced the swipe-up functionality for Instagram stories for sharing links outside of Instagram. We’ve talked about replies being so important when it comes to stories engagement. And by having the ability to tap a link sticker while also swiping up to reply to a story, you’re getting both engagement metrics. 

And some bonus tips, if you’re using this link sticker is to give a specific and compelling call-to-action. Why should people visit this link? And make sure that the link you’re sharing is specific to what you’re talking about and that it’s mobile-friendly. When I’m using the link sticker, I like to make it extra branded by typing out the text and then layering it right on top of the link sticker so when people tap, they can still go to the link. And I believe you’ve revised your stance and found a solution to the problem of Instagram story viewers seeing your tales.

Countdown Sticker

And my favorite sticker is the countdown sticker. This is perfect for getting notified for launches, product drops, even live streams. This is a really easy way for people to tap and be reminded so they feel like they’re RSVP’ing to something that you’re sharing. This is one of the most compelling reasons for Instagram story viewers to check out your content.

Stories Series Formula

Now that you’ve learned about all the best Instagram story stickers to use. So you want to add variation in your different slides. So the first part of your Instagram story is introducing what you’re talking about, what you’re gonna be sharing. And I think this is great to use talking video clips. And then I like to use Boomerangs to separate different sections, tips, or parts of the process that you’re sharing. 

Then add a slide that has text on it and a poll option to get them engaged, slow them down, and start that conversation. Then using graphics and Instagram story stickers to add visual examples with the mini-training. And then wrapping everything up with either a Boomerang or some talking clips. 

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I love to use text to summarize what we talked about, or I’ll use a poll to kinda gauge where they’re at after watching all of those stories. This is a great opportunity to add in a question sticker to see did they have any questions that you didn’t already cover. My tip for you is to make sure that you’re changing up the slide type every four stories. I hope you now have a better idea of how Instagram story viewers will see your tales.

Checklist for Optimising Instagram Story Stickers

Now that we’ve covered all these great stories and Instagram story stickers tips, I’m gonna give you a checklist for maximizing your engagement. When sharing a sticker, be sure to introduce it so people have the chance to take action on it. For instance, if you’re hosting a Friday Q&A, you wanna be sure that you’re telling them that you’re hosting it and then you share the question sticker. And don’t forget to add a tap backslide.

Give people a chance to tap back if they missed the question sticker or any other sticker that you shared. There are a lot of options when it comes to Instagram story stickers, so make sure you’re choosing to support Instagram story stickers to help your other stickers.

Instagram story viewers, Instagram Story Stickers, Instagram Story, Instagram story sticker, rapidmantra

 I love to use gifs, let me know which one you use in the comments, to help point out where I want people to navigate or what option I want people to choose. You can also create your Instagram story stickers by accessing your camera roll. You can either choose photos or other brand assets to add extra visuals to your stories. 

And if you love designing graphics for your stories, make sure you’re leaving space to add in your favorite poll or question sticker. And when adding Instagram story stickers to your stories, be sure that you’re mindful of the interactive experience on your Instagram stories. You don’t want it too high, too low, or within the navigation so people skip your story versus voting on a poll. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about how to get more Instagram story viewers to watch your tales using Instagram story stickers.

Have a great day!

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