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Fashion Industry Problems || How tough is it to get started in this field?

What are the challenges facing the fashion industry? Isn’t it difficult to break into this business?

Even though the world of Fashion and Glamour mostly promotes “Good looks, Good looks, and Good looks” every coin has two sides. The question is, that this world that looks so pretty and glamorous from the outside, is it just as pretty and glamorous from the inside? Most of the time, we don’t get the realization of this other side because our society is very attracted to this glamorous and fun lifestyle.

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NEW YORK, NY – MAY 02: Zayn Malik (L) and Gigi Hadid attend the “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology” Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for

But, if you are thinking about joining this Fashion Industry, then it’s better to know about this well enough before you step foot into this Fashion Industry. For sure, there are many good aspects of this Fashion Industry. But, in this article, we’ll only talk about the dark side because this is a very easily ignored subject and people don’t talk much about this.

Fashion Industry Problems — Poverty, Debt, and Destruction

Being a model means you have to spend a majority of your struggling days, which are a lot, in debt. I’ll explain how. If we imagine the life of a world-famous supermodel then it feels like, ‘Oof. They must be having such a good life.’

Roaming around here and there, Traveling to exotic locations, Staying in fancy luxurious houses, wearing the most famous designer’s clothes, And meeting major celebrities. But in reality, very few models reach that point where they can live such a life.

When models are new, most of their expenses are taken up by the agency, like their rent, allowance, etc. Now, the Fashion Industry Problems starts when a model has to travel for some work. Usually, agencies take up the expenses of the flight, accommodations, and other things of the model.

Fashion Industry Problems, Fashion Industry Problem, Fashion Industry, Fashion

But, because of some of the other reasons, that model doesn’t get the campaign, then the model will have to pay back the agency for all of the expenses incurred by the agency. Just like this, when these models are struggling in their initial days, their agencies provide them with housing But, these houses aren’t like bungalows.

They are one-bedroom apartments and most of the time, 5-6 girls stay together and share the apartment. And to top it all off, these agencies charge the models 5x higher rent than the market rate. Other than that, they get their payments after the agency has reimbursed themselves for the rent and the other stuff they are paying for. Many times, many young aspiring models see this ‘hidden cost’ and leave their modeling dreams.

Fashion Industry Problems — The Trap of Cometic Surgery

The world of Fashion and Glamour will do anything to make you see and feel good. And out of that, one thing is plastic surgeries. Unfortunately, since the start of the models’ career, one thing is put in their mind that looking like a doll at all times is far more important than anything else and due to this, there is no problem in doing surgeries, injections, and fillers because you’re just doing it to advance your career. A classic example of this thing is Anushka Sharma.

So apparently, Anushka Sharma was not happy with the size of her ‘thin’ kind of lips so she decided that she wanted to get fillers or temporary lip enhancement. She did get temporary lip enhancement done but after this, Anushka Sharma was trolled very much after they saw her with her fuller lips in ‘Bombay Velvet’.

Fashion Industry Problems, Fashion Industry Problem, Fashion Industry, Fashion

Earlier, Anushka had said that she had only used a temporary lip enhancing tool and didn’t do any surgery. But after that, she did admit in ‘Koffee with Karan’ and on a Vogue magazine interview that she did get lip filler and she wanted to let her fans know that she is only human and she has flaws like everyone else.

Even if we don’t talk about India, then in South Korea, it is a mandatory requirement for all of the models and celebrities to get the double eyelid surgery done. Most Korean people have monolids and they want to westernize their look and make their eyes look bigger and fuller which is why they always go in for this kind of surgery.

If you have watched ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ before then you probably know of the iconic sister duo Kendall and Kylie Jenner They are famous for having done a lot of surgeries at a very young age. The surgery part is all good as long as you’re doing it for yourself, not under the pressure of anyone. Whatever the scenario is, we must respect other people’s decisions and not troll them or disrespect them because they decide to get surgeries.

Fashion Industry Problems –> Sexual Abuse and Casting Couch

2018 was the year when India saw the rise of the ‘Me Too’ movement. If you don’t remember what the Me Too movement was, This movement started in October when actress Tanushree Dutta made the allegation of sexual abuse against her co-actor Nana Patekar when they were shooting their movie ‘Horn OK Please’ in 2008. After hearing this, Nana Patekar became so furious that he told Tanushree Dutta to retract her statement.

Fashion Industry Problems, Fashion Industry Problem, Fashion Industry, Fashion, Megan Fox

And he also told that if she doesn’t retract her statement, then he’ll put the charges of criminal defamation on her. But, 8 months after this incident, Nana got a clean chit against all the allegations against him which means nothing happened. But, this bold step taken by Tanushree Dutta helped expose the Fashion Industry Problems and made a lot of other people speak up about their sexual harassment cases. Some people did it anonymously and some people did it openly but, this was a step in the right direction.

The whole Fashion Industry Problems was getting exposed, actors, writers, directors, agents all of these people have gone through some kind of sexual harassment in their lives and it was all in front of the world to see because of the Me Too movement. There was a similar case of Sajid Khan. He had to step down from his own movie ‘Houseful 4’ as a director because a lot of women namely Mandana Karimi, Priyanka Bose, etc. spoke up against him and made some serious allegations on Sajid Khan.

Fashion Industry Problems –> Drugs and Alcohol

There’s a stereotype in the fashion industry that models need to do drugs like cocaine, etc. to stay skinny and to be able to work hard and get more energy. Now, we can’t say this is the case for every single model but it is something that keeps happening. The world of fashion is such that, every day you have to go to big parties to do networking.

Now because of this, a lot of young models that come get very pressured to fit in and end up doing different types of substance abuse. Imagine a 16-year-old girl who has come to Mumbai from a small town to become a model. In most case scenarios, she is going to be surrounded by very beautiful women other than her. And this makes the peer pressure x100 Especially because of this, many people can’t resist these things at parties and they succumb to peer pressure. Especially if you are searching for contacts and networks and want more work.

Fashion Industry Problems –> Every Inches Matter

You might’ve heard a lot of celebrities, actors, and models saying that they have had major body image issues. Well, well, well They weren’t lying. In this Fashion Industry, many people have been obsessed with getting skinny. For example, do you remember when Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor were all about that ‘Size Zero Figure’? In this Fashion Industry, it is a requirement that you wear perfectly tailored clothes so that your body, your figure, and the clothes look perfect at all times.

Due to this models consistently feel the pressure to stay fit, healthy, watch what they eat, and work out every single day. Now, this is not as easy as it looks to a lot of people on the outside. Models have to have the same size at all times because once a designer gets a certain sizing and gets the outfits made in that size, it’s very hard for them to keep altering their clothes according to the model’s body. This doesn’t mean that the designers are cruel or bad.

Fashion Industry Problems, Fashion Industry Problem, Fashion Industry, Fashion, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

But the designers honestly just want their clothes to look perfect on the model so that they can sell their clothes. In such a case scenario when a model can’t fit in the designer’s garments, in that case, the designer can very easily pick up the phone and call a backup model This is because there are 1000s of girls in this Fashion Industry Problems and a lot of options for the designer.

This forces the models to stay and make sure that they are in their best shape looking good all the time because there’s so much cutthroat competition. The story doesn’t end here. A lot of models under the pressure to look skinny and fit, start taking laxatives and drugs start eating cotton balls and also vomiting to stay skinny.

This body dysmorphia leads a lot of models towards Anorexia, Bulimia, and a lot of other eating disorders. Being a girl is not easy. All women face the ‘Time’ of the month because of which they face problems like bloating, weight gain, acne, etc. In such times, it is really hard for models also to look fit and their best during their shoots. Many models go to the extent to get surgeries to completely remove the ‘Time of the Month’ aka your period or take things like birth control which ultimately just messes up with their hormones, etc.

Fashion Industry Problems –> Expiration Date

A lot of times you might’ve heard people saying that a model’s career ends at the age of 30. And that women usually have an expiration date of 30 years. Especially models in this Fashion Industry. This is said because after the age of 30 apparently, old age starts reflecting on their face. This is not true. But, it’s a big issue in the fashion industry. Considering that the fashion industry problems and gravitates towards hiring younger models more than elder models there comes a time in a model’s career when she becomes too old to work.

Fashion Industry Problems, Fashion Industry Problem, Fashion Industry, Fashion, Gigi Hadid

And then she gets fit into that category and it’s very hard for them to find work later on. Just because of this mere fact that models have to start early on in their careers, a lot of models give up on their education early and jump into the fashion industry only to realize later that they didn’t acquire any real-life skills to help them get a job in their mid-30s.

It’s not that when you reach a certain age you won’t get work anywhere. It’s honestly just a little more difficult to find solid work. For example, Milind Soman was a model in his young days and he’s still modeling today he’s very successful and still gets a lot of work. Read More about fashion on wiki.

Conclusion On Fashion Industry Problems

If you do plan on modeling, it is a smart idea to be a model but also have some other kind of skills or have a backup career that you can fall back on. If you are planning on joining the modeling industry, I hope this blog post gave you some sort of insight into what the industry kind of is like.

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