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Best Ways Get Google Adsense Approval for Your Blog in 2022

Google Adsense is one of the most effective ways to make money online, but it’s not as easy as just putting some ads on your blog and waiting for the money to roll in. Adsense approval requires bloggers to have high-quality content that adheres to Google’s user experience guidelines, so you’ll need to make sure you don’t violate any rules before you submit your site for review. In this article, we’ll cover exactly how to get Adsense approval for your blog in the best way possible, so you can monetize it quickly!


Google AdSense program is arguably one of their most popular options in online advertising. In fact, over 6 million web publishers rely on Google’s display advertising platform to monetize their sites and reach an average of over 130 million unique visitors each month. But with so many webmasters joining and leaving AdSense every day, getting approved can be a challenge. This post will take you through everything you need to know about getting accepted into Google’s publisher network. I’ll also go over what I did to get my first Google AdSense approval as quickly as possible.

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What Is an Google Adsense Account?

One of Google’s most popular programs, AdSense is a content distribution program that allows bloggers and website owners to earn money when they display Google ads on their sites. You don’t have to be a blogger or own a site with large amounts of traffic in order to sign up—Google will provide ads based on your site’s specific niche and keywords. To get started with AdSense, you need an account; once you’ve been approved, you can submit your site for review. Once it passes, your new ads will begin displaying!

Why Do I Need an Google Adsense Account?

You might be asking yourself why you need an adsense account if you’re not using Google adsense on your website. The answer is simple: if you plan on blogging for any length of time, then making an adsense account will make things easier later.

If a company wants to advertise with your site, they’ll ask you how many impressions and clicks your site has and if you don’t have an adsense account yet, it can seem like a waste of time trying to get one now. Just go ahead and make one (it’s free), it will only take a few minutes! Once you have an Google adsense account, keep track of all your stats so that when a potential advertiser asks about them, you’ll already know what they are.

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Benefits of Having an Adsense Account

The purpose of adsense is to make money. You can use google adsense on blogger or wordpress blogs but you will find that it is not easy in all cases. The reason it is not easy is because you have to go through a process known as adsense approval. To start earning from adsense, you must have an account and be approved for it. This sounds like a headache but is actually a simple procedure if you follow certain steps which we will discuss below.

Here are some benefits of having an google adsense account; -You get paid when people click on your ads. -You get paid when people see your adverts even if they don’t click on them. -You can target specific countries where you want your adverts to appear. -You can choose what type of content (text, image or video) you want to display with your advert so that it appeals more to your audience. -Advertisers pay google each time someone clicks their advert so there is no limit on how much money you could earn per month depending how many times people click on your adverts and how much advertisers pay google per click.

Why Is My Blog Not Listed in the Google Partner Program?

If you’re wondering why your site is not listed in Google’s new program, don’t fret. You are not alone. Google has been very vague in their response regarding what kind of blogs will be accepted into the Partner Program. While there are no guarantees that you will make it into Google AdSense, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances: Make sure you have compelling content on your site; don’t just publish a bunch of fluff about nothing important and then expect people to flock in droves, hoping for some silly advertisement to help them find what they need online (if it exists). Readers come first!

Keep your site updated with relevant information; if readers are constantly seeing outdated posts or topics that haven’t been updated in months, they won’t trust you as much. Try to post at least once per week or month, but avoid posting too frequently so as not to overwhelm readers with spammy-looking articles. Keep up with SEO best practices so that your page ranks high enough for people to find it through search engines like Google and Bing. Include links back to other sites where appropriate—but only if those sites fit within your niche and aren’t obviously spammy or unrelated.

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Steps to Create a Google Ads (AdSense) Account For Your Website

(1) Log into your Google account and click on My Webpage.

(2) Click Start Making Money button. Then, click on Create an google AdSense Account button.

(3) When you are at your new account dashboard, fill out all of your contact information, so Google can verify your identity and ownership of said website(s). You’ll then be asked a series of questions regarding site traffic, demographics and more – answer them as best you can, as Google uses that information to determine whether or not they should approve your application. Once you’ve filled out everything necessary, submit it and wait a few days/weeks until they decide whether or not they want to work with you. If approved, congratulations!

Establishing a Trusted Relationship with Google

For any blogger, getting approval from Google is a huge milestone. The approval process is strict because it’s one of Google’s best methods of ensuring that only quality blogs make it into their program. But what exactly does quality mean? Google doesn’t spell out exactly what makes a site valuable and trustworthy to them, but they do have some basic criteria your site must meet before you can get approved. To get google adsense approval for your blogger, you need to focus on these four main factors: 

1) content; 2) website design; 3) technical aspects; 4) social media influence. Let’s break down each factor in more detail. 

1) Content Quality

Most bloggers understand that producing high-quality content is key to attracting an audience and earning money with google adsense, but how do you know if your posts are high-quality? That depends on who you ask. Some people say there are certain elements every post should include (e.g., graphics, charts), while others say there are certain things every post shouldn’t include (e.g., foul language).

Still others say it’s all about writing well or providing value to readers—but what does well or value mean? It seems like everyone has a different opinion here—and that’s okay! As long as you’re consistently putting out good stuff , then consistency is key! If you want to learn more about what constitutes good when it comes to content, check out our guide on improving your writing skills . 

2) Website Design Quality

When evaluating a site for ad approval, Google looks at both its overall design and individual pages. They want sites that look professional and easy to navigate so users can find information quickly without being distracted by annoying pop-ups or other flashy gimmicks. Sites should also be mobile friendly so users can access important information regardless of whether they’re using a desktop computer or mobile device.

If you aren’t sure whether your site meets these standards, try Googling yourself! You’ll see links related to your page in search results—the higher up those links appear, the better (or at least newer) your page is doing. In addition to design quality, Google also evaluates each page individually based on content quality and traffic level .

Content quality is measured by how often you update your site with new posts (you don’t want it to be stagnant), while traffic level depends on how many people visit your website each month. As with content quality, there’s no specific number here; it’s all about consistency. To get google adsense approval for blogger, make sure you have high-quality content and a good amount of traffic on your site. This will help establish a trusted relationship between you and Google. 

3) Technical Aspects Quality

Like we mentioned above, websites should load quickly and easily across all devices. This means you need to ensure your website loads fast no matter where someone is accessing it from or what kind of internet connection they have. If your site takes too long to load, it could result in low user engagement, which will negatively impact your ability to earn money through google adsense . Additionally, if someone visits multiple pages on your site and sees errors along the way (i.e., 404 error messages), that’s not going to make them trust you as much either! So, make sure your site is mobile-friendly and free of errors. 

4) Social Media Influence Quality

Google wants to know that you have a large following on social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), especially if you plan to monetize your site with ads. If you have a lot of followers on these platforms, it shows that people trust what you say and are interested in what you have to offer. Having a strong presence on social media helps build your brand and gives Google confidence that your site is worth approving . Now that we’ve talked about quality content, website design, technical aspects, and social media influence quality separately, let’s put it all together.

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Demonstrate That You’re Legitimate, Not Spamming or Gaming The System

There are so many misconceptions about what you need to do to get approved by Google. Many think that all you have to do is start writing and hosting ads on your site, but they’re wrong. The truth is that once you’ve found a good niche and started getting some readers interested in your content, it’s important not only to put your ads up on your site, but also make sure people actually click on them—and that’s not always as easy as it sounds.

So make sure you’re putting in legitimate effort into building a real site before asking Google for its blessing. If you aren’t earning traffic or social media followers from within your own community, if you don’t have an engaged audience that regularly clicks on your ads, then no matter how great of a site you’ve built or how well written your content is, Google will see right through it.

It knows when someone isn’t legit and doesn’t want those kinds of sites showing up in its search results. You’ll end up wasting both time and money if you try to play games with Google—so just be honest with yourself and work hard instead. When everything comes together naturally (as long as there’s actual value in what you’re doing), approval shouldn’t be too much of an issue at all.

Understanding and Navigating the Different Types of Clicks and Earnings Reports in Google Ads (AdSense).

Google’s earnings reports show you how your ads are performing in Google’s Content Network. There are two types of earnings reports: Clicks and Earnings. Click-based earnings show you where your ads appear, what your click rate is, and where your clicks took users in order to help you figure out what is or isn’t working. Earnings-based reporting tells you how much money Google has paid out so far on a particular campaign or ad group for a specific time period (usually one month).

This can be helpful when determining whether or not a campaign is worth continuing and whether or not it should be tweaked. These reports can also help you see if there are any patterns or trends that will allow you to make changes that improve performance. For example, if certain days of the week tend to have lower click rates than others, then perhaps those days aren’t ideal for running ads. Or maybe certain types of searches yield better results than others—this could mean that you need to tweak your keywords or bids accordingly. Understanding which metrics matter most to your business will go a long way toward helping you create an effective PPC strategy from day one.

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