Best Top 5 upcoming historical movies || Which are the Best?

Top 5 upcoming historical movies

With Covid finally subsiding a little bit many cinemas across the world have again started opening their doors to audiences meaning we can once again enjoy the latest top 5 upcoming historical movies with overpriced popcorn and snacks in an uncomfortable seat while trying not to eavesdrop on the conversations of strangers beside us.

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With all this rejoicing of cinemas reopening I thought it would only be fitting to create a list of my top 5 upcoming historical movies that I can’t wait to see the movies that are coming out this year or in 2022.

At number 5

Nell Gwynn

“Nell Gwynn” is a historical movie, drama, and comedy that will be focused on the life of the 17th celebrity figure during the Restoration period highlighting her rise from rags to riches story as one of England’s most famous actresses and a long time mistress of King Charles II of England and Scotland.

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This upcoming movie will be based on Jessica Swale s Nell Gwynn book and play called Nell Gwynn and will feature the 24-year-old French-British actress Emma Mackey as the central character of the movie.

With directors, Lisa Baros D Sa and Glenn Layburn will start moving the movie in 2021, and with these 2 experienced directors at the helm, Nell Gwynn will definitely be a great movie that will be able to fuse the historical, romantic, and comedic elements of the actresses life in the perfect balance and bring the audiences an amazing new historical movie.

At number 4

Caravaggio shadow

The fourth spot on this list of top 5 upcoming historical movies goes to “Caravaggio shadow” an Italian movie that will focus primarily on the life Rockstar lifestyle of the 17th-century painter and how this eventually Leeds him to face the ire of the pope and the Vatican.

historical movies, top 5 upcoming historical movies, Caravaggio shadow

This movie has taken veteran Italian moviemaker Michele Placido four years to research and movie as he wants to be able to bring Caravaggio’s shadow adventurous and controversial life to the big screen in an interesting and historical method.

The movie will be set in 1610 Italy, with Pope Paul V ordering the Vatican secret service to investigate Caravaggio for the murder of a rival.

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The Investigator also known as the Shadow will lead an inquiry that will display both the conflicting vices and virtues of the artist whose life or death lies solely in his hands.

Caravaggio’s shadow has a unique setting, perspective and brings a new investigation and mystery twist to the historical movies genre which I hope will bring us an amazing future historical movies.

At number 3


Medieval movie from the Czech Republic based on the legendary Hussite commander John?

historical movies, medieval

One of the most successful military leaders of his time, having never lost a battle in which he was the commander. It is rare to see a movie based on Czech history and it is an area of history that I admittedly have little to no knowledge of which makes the movie all the more appealing to me.

Medieval, directed by Petr Jekyll and starring Ben Foster and Michael Caine in pivotal parts, is the most costly Czech film ever made with the movie focusing on the youth of Jan Zizka before the Hussite Wars of1419 1434,

historical movies, top 5 upcoming historical movies, game of thrones

This movie will focus on the rise of Jan from a young knight and mercenary to one of Czechs most famous military commanders after rebelling against the powerful noblemen Henry 3 of Rosenburg.

The movie has great directors, actors, and a fascinating but little-known part of history to cover, and with the large budget for the movie I am positive Medieval will be one of 2022s best historical movies.

At number 2


The second spot goes to the new Cleopatra movie currently in the works that will feature both Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins after the Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman sequel to take viewers back to Ancient Egypt and get a high-budget movie about the life of Cleopatra.

historical movies, top 5 upcoming historical movies, Cleopatra

There is not much known about the movie at the moment except that Paramount won the production rights for the movie and the movie is currently in the pre-production stage giving us a possible late 2022 or early 2023 release window.

Cleopatra, angelina jolie

But the past history of Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins should reassure us that this will definitely be a triple AAA movie that will hopefully do justice to the legendary Egyptian ruler’s life.

At number 1

The Last Duel

The top spot on this list of top 5 upcoming historical movies goes to The Last Duel a historical movie based around the last legally sanctioned duel in France’s history, this movie takes place in 14th-century France, with Marguerite de Thibouville the wife of the knight Jean de Carrouges claiming she had been raped by her husband’s best friend and squire Jacques Le Gris.

historical movies, top 5 upcoming historical movies, the revenant

This leads the two to agree to trial by combat and it sets the central plot and focus of the movie. The Last Duel has an October 15 2021 worldwide release date.

And it has some truly A list actors and directors involved with the movie, with Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Ben Affleck all playing lead roles in the movie and Ridley Scott in the helm as director for the movie.

historical movies, top 5 upcoming historical movies, game of thrones

The last Duel has all the potential behind to become one of the best movies of the year and it is definitely the upcoming movie I most excited about seeing.

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