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13 Reasons Tesla Phones Is Going to Be Big

Elon Musk Officially Revealed Tesla Phone Model Pi Features & Insights

Elon Musk enters the phone industry.

Too many tech fans, Elon Musk is known for his clever and mad personality, and he has shown his intellect several times. We still can’t get enough of Tesla’s smart automobile, and Elon Musk just astonished everyone by introducing the Tesla Model Pi. Now, rumors are circulating that Tesla is preparing to produce its own Tesla phones. The concept photos from ADR are getting more and more fascinating. Tesla phones are said to have a lot of features. Tesla‘s alleged Tesla model pi phone would be equipped with Starlink technology, meaning that the Tesla phone would be completely functional everywhere on the planet, even Mars. Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

Tesla phones, Tesla phone, Tesla model pi,
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Tesla’s Model pi and 5G will change everything?

We’ll look at Tesla’s first foray into the smartphone business, the Tesla Model Pi, its features, and why it’s expected to outperform other phones on the market. The smartphone has changed significantly through time, from the bell to 5g. Since Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention in 1876, the telephone has gone a long way, and it is estimated that the worldwide output of 5g smartphones will reach 500 million by 2021.

Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, and Transion are expected to have a 37 percent market share in 2021, with Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, and Transion being the top seven worldwide phone manufacturers. Approximately 80% of the overall worldwide phone market share is held by these two companies.

Tesla phones — When will it be launched?

This sector, however, might be challenged by a low-cost satellite phone that could cover the whole market. Back in September of this year, there were speculations that Tesla was working on Tesla phones. However, it appears that the US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is likely to reveal that the Tesla Model Pi phone will be released later this year or maybe next year.

Tesla phone — Tesla Model Pi

Tesla phones, Tesla phone, Tesla model pi,
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The tech rumor mill is awash with the term pie, which is short for raspberry, though it is unclear when or even if it will be accessible. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer that connects to a computer display or television and operates with a regular keyboard and mouse.

1. NeuraLink’s brain phone interface

Regardless, the model pi is said to be the first gadget to have Neuralink‘s brain phone interface. In addition, humans and computers must be linked. Musk’s organization is working on brain-machine connections with ultra-high bandwidth. In reality, this is not only a remarkable achievement, but it also takes us closer to the day when we will be able to communicate with a computer without saying anything. All you have to do is think a thought, and it will take care of all your responsibilities.

2. Four DSLR cameras

Furthermore, it has previously been rumored that the Tesla Model Pi would feature four cameras, exactly like other smartphones, but for a satellite phone, the camera should be at least as good as a genuine professional DSLR camera, capable of taking a true clean image of the sky on Mars.

3. Solar Charging System

Along with the camera and other features, it also has a solar charging system that allows you to use your Tesla phone without ever having to put it into a charger because it can be charged wirelessly while standing or strolling in the sun.

4. Chameleon Futuristic Design

As well as that the Tesla phones can also act like a chameleon, it is capable of changing its color or skin in a futuristic design.

5. StarLink Connection

In addition to this, the pi model phone can also connect to a Starlink satellite. The Tesla model pi phone is obviously a satellite phone, it is supposed to connect to a satellite but the biggest catch is the fact that you can ask the satellite multiple commands at once.

6. High-Speed Internet

Using a Starlink antenna which is being removed from the box of the smartphone will also offer the smartphone a high-speed connection to the internet from anywhere. Since low earth orbit satellites have lower latency they can deliver reasonable upload download speeds of 200 megabits per second.

Tesla phones, Tesla phone, Tesla model pi,
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7. Tesla Phones will Work on mars

Despite that, this would be one of the most interesting pieces of gear to own as it bypasses the requirement for a terrestrial connection therefore by definition that would allow the phone to work on mars too and make it possible to stay in touch with earthlings.

8. SpaceX connection with Tesla phones

Despite the obvious fact that Starlink is one of the most important pet projects of Elon musk and fits perfectly into the next generation of smartphones. And there is no doubt that Tesla is closely associated with SpaceX, a private satellite launcher with ambitions to put humans on the surface of Mars.

9. Starlink connection with Tesla Phones

As we all know Starlink intends to build a network of low orbit satellites to provide easy access anywhere to the internet, eventually sending more than forty thousand satellites into low earth orbit. But it has already reached more than five hundred thousand subscribers at the time of this riding. As a consequence whenever the tesla phone comes out it is a feature that is widely anticipated. It is the opinion of the trackers of the space industry that there are currently over 1600 Starlink satellites in orbit, which is the biggest artificial constellation of its kind and the number will continue to grow over time as reusable rockets will make launches even cheaper as time goes on.

10. Crypto Mining for Mars Coins in Tesla phones

Moreover, musk claims the Tesla phones will enable crypto mining for mars coins, the crypto and governance coin behind what settlers on mars will need as for mining mars coins. You can use satellite links to mine it so this may have more implications with the tesla model pi. And you may end up using your Tesla phones to mine other pos and non-energy intensive pow cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you can use it without the need for having multiple accounts to stake your favorite cryptocurrency.

11. Tesla phones Camera Specifications

It is expected that the tesla model pi smartphone will come with a quality 4k screen, a cluster of four cameras including a 108-megapixel camera with a dual led flash. And a snapdragon 898 soc with up to two terabytes of storage space.

12. Privacy Feature in Tesla phones

However, let’s focus on its privacy feature. Some form of biometrics which is an obvious choice for a tesla phone will definitely increase your security. Supposedly the company could make use of the smart cameras that it has been developing for autonomous tesla cars to create a face id system that would work with the system. As an alternative however fingerprint unlocking is also an option and the ADR concept features an ultrasonic sensor built into the touch screen itself.

13. Tesla Phones and Tesla cars connection

But additionally, there is no doubt that Tesla vehicles would be included in a phone from tesla. The features could easily include lock and unlock functions, remote commands that could be accessed directly from your phone, for example, summon mode. And the monitoring of all car specs from the battery temperature to the lighting.

Tesla Phones v/s iPhone

ADR made a straightforward replication of the four lens system that was shown in the early concept art of the iPhone 12. As an example, let’s take a look at the iPhone 12. For example, back when this phone was launched, it had three lenses for its rear camera, and it’s hard to imagine what tesla phones would be able to do. It is often said that cameras are a way to try and make a new model stand out from the crowd, but Tesla may have other plans in mind as well.

SpaceX and Tesla phones

Although it may appear that making smartphones is as challenging as rocket science. Tesla has been a technological innovator as it is also very closely connected to SpaceX, one of the world’s leading space companies and one of the first to use reusable rockets that land vertically on the ground and on c drones.

Starlink and Tesla Phones

Although the tesla model pi smartphone will not be the first satellite phone there are other satellite phones like thoria and iridium that are directly connected to satellites. However, it would be the first satellite phone that is capable of being used with Starlink, SpaceX’s under construction constellation of communication satellites designed to extend the internet’s reach to even the most remote places in the world, thanks to high-speed communication satellites.

Tesla phones, Tesla phone, Tesla model pi,
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